Level 6 Degree Show

On Monday we were asked to walk around the degree show that was being put on for all the Level 6 student across the university, and to choose the two designers the related to our work, or inspired us the most.  I must say that while I was walking around, I was floored by the work that they and created,  the amount of work they displayed was surprising, and if these are their best, you can only imagine the about of work and effort they  put into this.

My favourite collection was by Rhiannon Jones. Her work was inspired by the British countryside, using  warm autumn colours combined with this theme. The work she produced was beyond inspiring, this is the sort of work that I want to create.  The designs she created within her work were displayed as singular and co-ordinated pieces, but when a theme that is so exact and to the point, her whole collection would match.  I admire the work that had been developed and thought through and worked over again and again to reach this point, it takes determination to create such amazing work.


The second collection I chose was Created by Sarah Morris, again the sheer amount of work that she put into this final display is inspiring. Not only did she create fabric samples, cut a hammock, a surf board, all the props that were set up in her display, and she also created song, written by herself, sang by herself and she played the music for it too. when reading her statement about her work, it reflects so exactly what she has presented, her passion for surfing combined with cultural influences from her trip to Morocco.  I’m inspired by her work, again the dedication but also how she has managed to give every single piece in her collection a home, not one of them, doesn’t fit her statement or the work around it. I can’t wait until it becomes my turn to crate work as inspiring and amazing as these two designers.

20150601_092904355_iOS 20150601_092846997_iOS


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