Marks to Prove It

Today’s formative feedback was really good. I’m surprised and super thrilled wth the mark I received. I wasn’t expecting that but I’m totally ok with having it! My plan of action over easter is really good as well. I don’t have that much that I need to do, just some more experimenting with samples, sorting out my sketchbooks, finishing my garments and just tying up any loose ends really. Its not going to be a mad rush to the finish line, but I do however need to work on my presspack.


The Small Print

Today I’m printing. I’ve got designs, I’ve got ready dyed fabrics and now its time to put two and two together and make something bigger and better than ever. That might be a bit drastic but today is a day for experimenting, mixing and matching. Playing with colour and scale. Although I forgot that the tech dem’s go out for lunch so I’ve been locked out of the print room! Its only for an hour and then hopefully I can get back to experimenting!

In My Time of Dying, Part 8

I wanted to be more experiential with my fabrics as well as with my designs. It may seem a bit late in the game to start playing around with new fabrics but, since I’ve got almost all of the components for my two garments ready, I’ve decided to start looking at what other materials I could use as other potential jackets (this is a collection after all).

The fabrics that I’ve decided to try out are, wool serge; drill cotton sateen; cotton sateen arian, poly/visc hazelwood and natural denim (which hasn’t arrived yet – the other four I got off Maggie). As with any new fabrics, I started by sampling each fabric in the dye bath before deciding what colour and fabric combinations I wanted to take into samples. Having already done quite a bit of experimenting with times, I was quite confident in my colour and choosing the correct amount of time as as I didn’t have to go through the whole lot of full colour testing.

The colours I made were beautiful. I realise that its my collection and I chose these colours so i should love them, but damn; they are just stunning. I could look at them all day and be happy! (I won’t, promise!

A Design For Life

Both Monday and yesterday were dedicated to garment production; cutting pattern species, attempting to sew seams, more pattern cutting. I made the body and sleeves of my first jacket, but since I don’t have the level of skill to put in sleeves, that’s something that will have to wait for another day.

Yesterday evening however, was dedicated to making a few new designs that I could then take into print and experiment with for the rest of the week. i decided to be a bit experimental with my designs, using a piece of charcoal, I took some of the shapes from my original photographs and turned them into quick marks, along with translating a bit of knit which was on my board, into a a few curved marks, which turned out to be quite interesting. I then spent the night scanning these in and turning them in designs/patterns. I’m looking forward to experimenting with these designs in print, especially using Devore.

Burberry Fashion Design Competition

Today was the day I posted my portfolio for the Burberry Fashion Design Competition. While I was happy with the portfolio I had made, I’ve already started to develop and make changes for when it come time to send it to the British Fashion Council. But thats the point of a portfolio right, that its something that can always been updated.

Turn The Page

After working on my portfolio with Nada, I decided to show Irene the pages I have been working on and she gave me some suggestions on which I should change. The pages were a bit full so I shuffled things around to get some more white space, then swapped a few images around, rejigged my theme and colour pages, created a line up that would be printed on tracing paper and laid over toe images. I’ve made sure that I have samples of the materials for which my jackets are going to be made out of to put in. I also edited the front page with the British Fashion Council logo, which is where my portfolio will be heading in May with Irene, but also the Burberry logo, where my portfolio will be making its was next week! Eek!

In My Time of Dying, Part 7

The fabric that I died for my lining, wasn’t enough to fit all the pattern pieces onto. I could fit the body and the hood, onto it but the sleeves where a no go. Thankfully Maggie has a role of moleskin (which I really wished I’d had found out earlier) so I was able to go into the dye baths today and make more fabric, in the right colour (HA!) for the sleeve lining.

What was quite annoying was that after I made the dye bath, from the same recipe I used for the first part of the lining, I tested in on a small square of fabric until the same colour was achieved. Confident that it was right, I put the rest of the fabric in and waited the allotted time, only to take the fabric out and have a light orange/yellow, which is quite noticeably darker than the lining I dyed for the sleeves!

I don’t know if this is going to be ok to use? Im planning to speak to Beth and Irene about it on Monday.