Ice Dye on the Highway

Today I experimented with ice dying in an attempt to recreate one of my photographs from around the city, into a fabric sample. I was super excited because I thought for sure this was going to be amazing and work amazingly and just be all amazing. And to be fair it did give me an idea on how to maybe do it better, but I wasn’t happy with the overall result. I was trying to recreate this photo


I wanted the fabric to be dyed in pinks, red and browns to show the colour gradient in the brick, and then I planned to gather get mesh/net fabric for the mesh pattern in the brick, or experiment with some embroidery and dissolvable (I’m still actually planning to do both of these). What I ended up with was this,

which actually looks much better in the photos than real life. I think the colours are really good, I like that soft red/pink colour and I like the darker reds and browns, I just think the actual arrangement or placement of the colours is wrong. However, I know have a plan to have a more controlled result with ice dying (does that make me sound crazy?). I’m planning to dye the fabric an overall colour, most likely that pink, then one by one, add different layers of colour through ice dying, so I still get the natural dispersed effect, just in a hopefully much more controlled manner. I have faith that this will work, and that once its coated in waterproof spray and meshy stuff it will look boss! Which means one fabric design will be done and dusted, and I’ll be able to move on to bigger and scarier things.


My Mood Board City Continued …

I did it. I made a concentrated effort to finish my mood boards and I have. Hopefully! its not been easy. in fact I’ve been sat at this laptop since I got home, which was about 7/7.30pm I believe. So that’s a long time to spend on mood boards but I just couldn’t seem to get the placement right first time around. Thankfully however, I’ve managed to make a complete set of boards that I’m actually really happy with. wanna see?

London trip itinerary


Next week, Tuesday to be precise. Tuesday at 11.10am to be precisely precise.

It’s the fabric recon mission! In London. Oh yeah. But not only that, it’s the super cultural day of inspiration. Ok so I made that up but I do plan to visit loads of places and gather loads of ideas and inspiration so it’s not that far out.

Amazingly, super fashion tech dem Beth has offered to make a list of the best fabrics places to visit for my collection. I also plan to google any streetwear brands that are in and around London because it’s so much nicer to see things in person than looking online.

I’m hoping that this trip will be a really great idea gathering trip which will really help to propel my collection to the next level.

Best Laid Plans

Irene is great. She manages to get me excited about my collection, not that I’m not already, but just even more so. My mind goes into overdrive with ideas that I just want to start doing straight away!

This week it was excitement about my fabrics. I want to make waterproof outwear but once a fabric has been coated, there not many techniques that you can use onto. Then Irene starts talking and suddenly ideas bloom! I don’t have to use waterproof fabrics because they can be coated after I’ve done my thing! FIST PUMP EXPLOSION. I’m so happy that this idea popped into my head, I was totally floundering a bit on what I was going to do to my fabrics but now I can do anything. ANYTHING! Thankfully I have inspiration for what I want to do. On Monday Paige and I went to town to take photographs and while there I managed to get some really good ones of the floor and man hole covers which where zoomed in on a particular area. I plan to use these images as the base idea for my fabrics. One example is some red brick that had this grid pattern etched into it. For that I’m thinking of experimenting with ice dying to get the floor colours, which where mottled reds and browns, but then experiment with ways in which to maybe bond some gridded or mesh fabrics over the top.

It sounds amazing and super exciting and I cant wait!


I won’t lie, I thought it was crazy that we needed to have the silhouettes of our garments ready before knowing what they were going to look like, or even any inkling of colour or design. I’ve created three so far, maybe closer to two (I feel a cull coming on), and I’m just thinking about what other shapes I could want.

The garments I’m designing are all streetwear. They will all be baggy and oversized with really simple shapes because the focus is what they’ll be made of, and what will be on them.

I’ve been looking at other streetwear brands such as Huf, Thrasher, Represent, C2H4 and I even took myself into route one (really not a chore since I came away with a new jumper!), in order to look at shapes and lengths, and to just generally gather inspiration of what shapes I want to create myself.

Thankfully, at todays tutorial I finally got an idea, well not of the shapes but of the fabrics and how I’m going to go about making the fabrics and samples, as well as what techniques I want to use. So that has really energised me, making me want to go and find those other shapes! I plan to spend some time tomorrow and after work on Saturday coming up with more shapes ready for pattern development! •excited jig*

My mood board city

I’ve just started to create my mood boards. I’ve left it this long because I’ve been over thinking them. I know I have been and yet I couldn’t quite bring myself to stop. I wanted them to look perfect from the outset, rather than a work in progress that can inspire and develop my ideas. It was time to suck it up and create. The mood boards are a vital part of a collection and not just because we’ve always been told to make them, but because they truly do help to cut down ideas and to give you an intended path, which is what I need right now.

I’m still trying to approach my mood boards in a professional manner. I’ve been searching on atrsthreads to find really contemporary and well, really good looking, examples. I’ve never had a problem with over filling my mood boards, if anything I probably under fil so I’m ok in the regard, I just have to think  more about matching aspects together that create a narrative that I can follow clearly, and making sure that they look and feel contemporary and say exactly what I want my collection to be.

Here goes!


Dancing Days

I’m excited. I don’t feel daunted in the least and I’m actually really happy and excited with where my collection is so far. I never thought of myself as a fashion person. Considering I don’t usually like wearing what’s on trend and I’d much rather be wearing a baggy jumper that I bought like 5 years ago, but then again, I was only thinking about women’s fashion. Now I’m thinking about men’s and its just so much more exciting.

More than that though, I like to think of surface pattern, and then applying that to a product. Once you start thinking like that then you’re not suck in little boxes labelled ‘interiors’ or ‘fashion’ but you can think about textiles and products. Now that’s what I want to be thinking about.