Artist Research – Stef Mitchell


 Another artist that I found while researching was Stef Mitchell who creates really beautiful monopolists using nature and flowers. I really love the look of his work, how the details and texture of each plant he’s used is perfectly printed onto paper. I was really taken with these works and wanted to try this out for myself.

I selected two different parts of plants from my garden and using black oil paint, rollered the ink onto the plants and sandwiched them between two sheets of cartridge paper with a heavy boom on top. From each inking of the flower I took two prints. The black ink reat makes the detail of each print stand out, each is a beautifully intricate print of nature. 




Artist Research – √Člisabeth Couloigner

Another artists which I came across was √Člisabeth Couloigner. She creates truly beautiful sketch books filled with intricate and stunning samples of her experiments with mark-making, Her use of marks, colour blending and endless techniques I don’t even know about, are inspiring and I will definitely be looking back to this artist when tackling many further work.

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Artist Research – Heather Wilson

While researching artists to gather ideas and inspiration I came across Heather Wilson. She creates stunning weaving into which she incorporates found objects. The piece of work that inspired me was a combination of colours and textures and objects that to me, symbolise nature.

ee8ba43f5aed1df62d9addf4bb557e13 Once I saw this my brain went into overdrive on way in which I could create weavings that looked like this. I had never thought of adding found objects into a weaving, not that I had done much weaving beforehand. So I set about looking up on blogs the different way in which people weave and started to create my own Heather Wilson inspired piece. 20150327_120540000_iOS

My weaving sample using different textured threads, string and natural found objects.