25th may – 29th May Digital Module Update

Last week I completed all my designs so that were ready to be printed digitally, and that’s exactly what I did this week. Over the weekend I made sure that all my designs were saved as the right file types, and then I double-checked and tripled checked that they were right, before taking all my design with me on Monday. With my five 4×4 inch design samples and my A4 print ready, I opened the files onto a programme that was set up on one of the computer in the digital print room, and set them to print. Thinking of the group as a whole, wee all decided that it would be best for everyone to print their designs onto cotton fabric. Making sure that the cotton was 100 per cent was great for me because this aligned with what I’ve been thinking about in terms of this project, using ethically correct fabrics for my designs. Once the designs were all loaded onto the computer, it was time to press print, never have I been more overly excited to stand and watch a printer, but when fabric is added into the mix I become positively giddy. beetls being printed Designs being printed By Tuesday, all my designs had been printed, so that was the day I dedicated to creating my screen, this w as the first time that I completed most of the process myself, I’m not going to lie I made a mess of it, but in the end it worked, the patterns on my beetles shells were clear on the screen, waiting for me to print with them. When I came back later in the week, well Thursday, four of my six designs were washed and dried and ready to be used for whatever I please, excitement made an appearance again. My A4 digital print was ready to be hand printed on top of, so using the screen I had so lovingly (and messily) prepared I got to work making a stunning print that I cant stop loving. Digital adn hand printThursday night was when I neatly taped the edges of my prints with magic tape and then cut them from the surrounding edges, I used magic tape so that I could cut the edges in a straight line and the fabric would not fray. Once I and done this I set about pinning the five samples into my book, along with the colours atlas, and the foil I used on my print, so that I could basically show them off to anyone who wanted to look, and so that I could properly annotate the process and my thoughts and ideas fro designing them.Prints adn colour atlas Then today arrived, Friday, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do except write up annotation and blog posts when low and behold I got side-tracked by laser cutting! You heard me, laser cutting. Having printed my design and having completed the hand printing on top, I was left with laser cutting left. So changing the file setting on one of my digital illustrations, I opened them onto the computer linked with eh laser cutting machine and it wouldn’t work, this kept happening until I was about ready to cry, and then suddenly, my design appeared on the screen ready to be sent to the laser cutter. Because the design I chose was quite compact and very detailed, I set the laser cutter to engraving, and oh my did I love the result, I ended up with three tiny squares with three tiny beetles that I absolutely love. Engraved beetleSo all in all this week has been pretty great. I got all my designs printed and completed and I even got some laser cut pieces, which I might have to throw into the lump of work that ill be presented at the end of this module. Next week I anticipate some slight nervousness because the module is coming to a close and I still have a presentation to make and I have to still print all of my designs and mount them, but for now I’m going to bask in goodness of this week.


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