Part Three

Part three has begun. I was looking forward to receiving my feedback from the deliverables I handed in during part two; my designs, research and my presentation. I was happy with the designs that I had created and the research that led me there, and I was really pleased at how well my presentation went, considering I find them very difficult. 
On Tuesday I received my feedback and was quite disappointed. 

I went through the feedback, taking on board the different suggestions that were made that could improve my collection. Over the past week I have looked over my work critically so that I can make these changes, and any other that were needed. 

I looked into changing backgrounds and scales as suggested, and also switched up my moodboards so that the inspiration for my collection was much more evident, i also included colour chips. From here I was able to make further changes. I looked back at the colours of my designs and made them much more refined and elegant, which would greater reflect the company that I’m designing for.  I took out two designs that disjointed the collection and created new elegant ones that complimented the already existing designs and highlighted my colour scheme. The collection now flows smoothly from one design to the next. 

I have decided that for my collection I am concentrating on designing a collection of just napkins. fabric napkin and paper napkin designs that reflect minerals.