23 Degrees and South

I’m really pleased with my space for the degree show.

Fun fact about me –  I have no sense of measurement what so ever. I cannot look at something and say how wide it is or how tall. It is completely beyond my capabilities.

That being said, I think I envisioned my layout really well. Last week it got to the point that I knew what I wanted to have in my space, but I couldn’t images how it would fit, because again, I have no sense of measurement, or spacial awareness.

My space looked small to me because I’d been sat there for most of this year and had managed to cramp it with the amount of work and junk I had on my table. Then everything was cleared and there was a ‘oh no, look how much space I have to fill’. However, like goldilocks and that damn porridge, it was actually just right. Everything has fit perfectly. There’s a good amount of white spaced mixed in with the display pieces and my work, and it just generally looks sick. Like really flipping cool. Like how did I pull off this level of coolness. Damn. I’m just so proud of how it looks and how I’ve made it to the end having made something I really loved, and loved every minute of making!

I’m really pleased.

You should come see it in person, it looks so much better. (Just saying)


One for the Cutters

I cut a pattern! I have never cut a pattern before and I won’t lie I didn’t really know what I was doing. Beth did explain but a lot went over my head which left me searching for answers by the time she’d left, however, I only forgot two things, 1) how to measure the hood, and 2) the change the back panel so that it dipped. So really I’m very proud. Only one more to go and then toiling begins. Or I might start toiling the first jacket while I pattern cut for the next, who knows.

(now some photos of me looking all professional)



I won’t lie, I thought it was crazy that we needed to have the silhouettes of our garments ready before knowing what they were going to look like, or even any inkling of colour or design. I’ve created three so far, maybe closer to two (I feel a cull coming on), and I’m just thinking about what other shapes I could want.

The garments I’m designing are all streetwear. They will all be baggy and oversized with really simple shapes because the focus is what they’ll be made of, and what will be on them.

I’ve been looking at other streetwear brands such as Huf, Thrasher, Represent, C2H4 and I even took myself into route one (really not a chore since I came away with a new jumper!), in order to look at shapes and lengths, and to just generally gather inspiration of what shapes I want to create myself.

Thankfully, at todays tutorial I finally got an idea, well not of the shapes but of the fabrics and how I’m going to go about making the fabrics and samples, as well as what techniques I want to use. So that has really energised me, making me want to go and find those other shapes! I plan to spend some time tomorrow and after work on Saturday coming up with more shapes ready for pattern development! •excited jig*

My mood board city

I’ve just started to create my mood boards. I’ve left it this long because I’ve been over thinking them. I know I have been and yet I couldn’t quite bring myself to stop. I wanted them to look perfect from the outset, rather than a work in progress that can inspire and develop my ideas. It was time to suck it up and create. The mood boards are a vital part of a collection and not just because we’ve always been told to make them, but because they truly do help to cut down ideas and to give you an intended path, which is what I need right now.

I’m still trying to approach my mood boards in a professional manner. I’ve been searching on atrsthreads to find really contemporary and well, really good looking, examples. I’ve never had a problem with over filling my mood boards, if anything I probably under fil so I’m ok in the regard, I just have to think  more about matching aspects together that create a narrative that I can follow clearly, and making sure that they look and feel contemporary and say exactly what I want my collection to be.

Here goes!