Artificial Red

On Tuesday I spend the day creating some more gradient/ombre dye samples because I want happy with how dull the colours were on the first batch. I tried different bye baths, using a orange and purple to make a gradient from a light orange into a deep red, and also used a bright red dye bath to make the colours on the fabrics brighter, which I really loved. My favourite sample was from combining a pale brown colour, which I then created a gradient with in a bright red dye bath, before coming to a new gradient to create a lovely deep red from a dark purple dye bath.

I really love being able to know how to mix colours in a dye lab and how to combine the results to make new colours. I have really loved experimenting with dying this term, maybe a bit too much, but I’m so glad that I decided to create the colours for my garments myself.



Yesterday I did as Helen suggested and started to layer and photograph all the samples I had floating around. I took photos and printed out some of the best ones, they may not necessarily be the best layout but the colour combination were really inspiring so I wanted to keep anything inspirational within view, hoping that this might help with my creativeness for the following week.

I also arranged my board so that the photos that I are using as my main source of inspiration are at the top, and all the dye samples and photographs, fabrics and fastenings are set arranged in such a way that I can read where the ideas mesh and were they seperate out into different sample ideas. I’m hoping that this new arrangement will not only help convey what I’m working on to others, but will hopefully help focus me and my ideas.

Present Tense

I think my tutorial went quite well.  I was a bit nervous because I was speaking in front of people, and while I have gotten so much better at presenting in these last three years, I still don’t like it. I explained my idea to Keireine, Irene and Helen, how I want to to use three main photos II had taken of manhole covers and use these as the inspiration for my samples. I explained how I thought I was focusing too much on the production of the garment instead of being free to experiment with my sampling, and how I’m trying to just go back to focusing on ideas and samples.

They really liked my colours and my ideas, as well as my dye samples and they had some really good advice for creating a rust dye bath, and also layering up the samples I have with my laser cutting and painted idea and juts taking photos and see what looks good; and to also put more of myself and my designs onto my board.

In My Time of Dying Part 4

Today I spent the day in the dye lab, surprise surprise. I’m still feeling quite lost on the whole design making front, so I decided to start with something I new how to do and was relevant, dying. I made oranges and reds as well as deep purples, mixing colours and finding what worked and what really didn’t. But no matter how many dye baths I created, I couldn’t get a rust colour that I loved. Don’t get me wrong the oranges I made were beautiful, but they just weren’t what I wanted. I want to do more fabric dying again next week, trying out more gradient/ombre techniques and maybe bring in some of the colours that I’ve created today to give the samples brighter and deeper colours.

I plan to work onto every dye samples, but how and with what is another story. I know I plan to paint onto the orange fabrics to see what kind of expressive rust patterns/colours I can make and I plan to use the purple samples to pleat and puff but these are just general ideas, I hope thats enough.

Professional Practice – Postgrad Studies 

Today’s professional practice was given to get us undergraduate students thinking about the option of doing a master degree. I’d though about it before, but I’d always thought that’s if I found my degree to be stressful a lot of the time, then a master is surely going to send me over the edge. However from hearing the speech today, it seems that a masters is a more relaxed and self direct path than an undergrad degree. I’m really interesting in pursuing a masters in graphic design, but at the moment I am really loving working with fabrics and dyes so I’m working if I can combine both of these areas to create a platform on which I will started to research the results/reasons behind homelessness. It sounds like a cool idea but I don’t have any clue how I would narrow that down into a research area?

I think I’m going speak to someone from the masters programme about it. 

Paint it Black

Something I touched on earlier was about taking a step away from thinking about what I will be producing for my degree show, and just focus on designs and experimenting and making samples of my textiles.


I’ve started with paintings of general ideas, which I turned into a dye sample. The one painting is much more expressive and organic, while the dye sample is much smoother and I don’t know, I feel like something is missing. I created a smooth ombré from one colour to another and then another but I don’t know what to do with that. I like the expressive marks of dabbing with a sponge to create the illusion of bricks, so maybe I can do this on to of the dying? I honestly don’t know. I created these painting so that I had an idea of what I wanted to do on the actual fabrics but it’s turning out to be a bit confusing to me because the results that were so quickly made with the brush isn’t easily replicated on fabric – it’s much less natural and organic once it’s something I’m trying to purposely make.