Final Week of Preperation

This week is the last week I have to prepare for my Pecha Kucha presentation on Monday, and have all my work completed. I have to make sure that I have all the deliverables that are asked for in the brief and that I am completely ready for the end of this module. No stress.. I’m only joking, this module has been create and I’m quite disappointed that its coming to an end.

On Monday I had a tutorial with Lucy so that she could check up on how I’m doing and what I need to complete for the following Monday. She looked through the work I had created and gave suggestions as to how I can improve what I’ve created, as well as suggestions on my final designs. I listened to all of these and when I got home, I switched out the final designs that didn’t quite work, created a new design by going back to my concept exploration, and started to mount all my work ready for Monday.20150603_075000225_iOS

I found mounting  my work to be quite fun and rewarding, I liked seeing my work displayed in a professional matter, it makes me really proud of all that I have created. On Tuesday I completed all the annotation that I still had left and made sure it was all spell checked, and then double checked before sticking it into my book along with the work I was talking about. I also printed my colour and mood board ready for displaying. Once I got these tasks out the way I made a ‘to do’ list so that I would know what I need to complete so that everything will really truly be completed with no last minute forgotten tasks.20150603_103939156_iOS


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