Silver lining

Tuesday was the day! Not more of a day than when I printed onto the back of my jacket, but it was still a good day for printing. I was really chuffed with myself for making a screen that repeated, I’ve never done it before (at least I don’t think I have) and I was really looking forward to putting it to good use on my lining. However, it didn’t quite line up, there was about 1cm or less of the pattern missing down the one edge, but since the pattern was quite messy(?), I don’t think that’s the right word, but it didn’t really need to be perfectly aligned.

The end result was a really bright and really cool lining that will be a great contrast to the darker orange outside of my jacket.


Handle With Care (Part Two)

I’ve finally made my handles! I’ve only been speaking about them all week, and now I’ve managed to make them *happy dance*

My gift bag is basically white and pink (with some grey in there too), and I wanted my handles to really work well with the rest of the bag, but not be too overpowering. I don’t want something to say ‘did you see the bag on those handles!’. I want them to pop, and I want them to have some attention, but not to the point where I’m transfixed by these monstrous looking things emerging from the top of my gift bag.

Out of the four ideas I had for my handles, I made all four. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve made a bag that I’m really happy with and I think works really well with the overall atmosphere of my collection, and I didn’t want that to be ruined by a pair of handles (am I thinking into these handles too much? Have I become obsessed!).

One set of handles had the same pattern as the back of the bag – and my roll wrap; another designs marries up to the samples I’m planning to use for my greetings card; another again marries up to the greetings card but also co-ordinates well with the design for my ribbon; and the last handle options was just to have a complete pink foil handle.

It wasn’t really four choices for me. I wasn’t very keen on the wholly foiled handles, it seemed to garish and a bit lazy, so I was looking towards my three patterned handles, and trying to decide a.) which would look best with the bag as a whole, and b.) which set of handles marries in with the other designs for my collection without making it seem like I’m using the same design over and over.

(I really do think I thought about these handles waaaay to much)

The pink on my gift bag is the wow factory shall we say; its the colour pop, what makes the bag stand out, and I wanted to have this on the front of the bag, as well as in the handles, but I didn’t want there to be so much pink that I just wanted to lock myself in a dark room and never look at pink again.

In the end, after taking all these different things into consideration, I chose the handles that has the least amount of pink on them (which I only realised as I wrote that sentence), but I think they work. The design I chose doesn’t match any other part of the bag, but it does marry with the greeting card I’m going to make, albeit in different colours, and I think it works better for not being the same as anything else on the bag.

I think that the limited amount of pink on the handles makes it that much more interesting, as does the way that the pattern isn’t fully formed as its quite patchy (which was on purpose, just saying). What is quite interesting, now I’ve actually out the handles on the bag is the contrast between the organdie fabric and the acetate bag itself. I can’t explain it very well but it makes you notice just how different both materials are.

I love my gift bag, just incase that didn’t come across in the obsessive way I’ve been trying to make the perfect handles! I think its really interesting and really fits into my theme. I think its evident that I’ve been relying on my mood boards to help me which is exactly what I should be doing. All I need to know about this collection should be on those boards and the fact that I can see how all most all of my collection is going to unfold, is pretty good, I think. It means that I’ve found good concept for this project and Imo noting having any difficulty relating to it. *yay*

Every Breath You Take, Every Sample You Make

Today was a day. Many things went wrong, I knew what I wanted to while not really knowing what I wanted to do, and I spend a lot of time with wet leggings thanks to the jet wash.

I came prepared with five different design to print that I’d whipped up so I would have something to experiment with, and hopefully as a way of honing my ideas somewhat.

First thing to go wrong, well not wrong, just more prolonged than I would have wanted was the cleaning of my screen after exposing it. I had to get Steve to turn the normal jet into a super jet and blast the scene to the point where I was sure the water was going to rip through the mesh. One of my designs didn’t work at all because the lines where too thin, and another didn’t wash out fully, I’m not quite sure why, but already things were looking difficult, not that I let that stop me, I was determined  to spend the whole day in the studio even if it killed me! (Not literally ..)

I’d brought with me an array of different substrates to print on, silver embossing foil, black cotton organdie, white cotton organdie, photo paper, cloudy acetate and clear acetate sheets. I’d also brought my own screen printing ink so that I would be able to print in white ink, super exciting right? I experimented with using my different designs on the different surfaces, using a selections of colours and foils, all with the background idea that most of the designs should be able to layers and create new possibilities, or stand alone.

I really like the idea of having multiple layered designs, and not just multiple layer on one piece of paper or fabric, but using sheer and see-through layers of materials so that these could be layered up, which I was what I have been experimenting with this past week, and what I especially tried to experiment with today. I’m not going lie, a lot of the combinations of materials and foils I didn’t particularly like, but I’m still continuing to look at them and see how I could layer them up, or decide wether the design is strong enough, and cohesive enough with the direction of my collection, to stand on it own.

I had a few happy accidents throughout the day, one was learning that I could foil onto embossing foil, (even if I didn’t occur to me that it would be really hot coming out the heat press) the other was when I was trying to foil onto photo paper. Now I’d had reservations about foiling onto photo paper cause I was pretty sure that what made it shiny was that the paper was coated in plastic, turns out I was right; while in the press the plastic on the photo paper go so hot that the foil started to stick to the paper where there as no glue, but … it ended up looking really cool. I really liked the effect that it turned up, not that I would ever be able to recreate that, but I really love it. It felt more edgy that if the design had worked properly, like the paper had gone against what design I wanted and decided that it wanted to like this way instead. (I’m not crazy, I know paper can’t do that, by they way).

Im finding it quite difficult to work with colour. I’d much prefer to be working in wholly black white and grey, but for this collection I’m trying to experiment with colour; I’m just finding it really difficult to like how it looks. I really like using orange foil, but when I used orange ink I was getting a real halloween vibe which I really didn’t want. I’ve been mixing dark blue with hot pink and while I like the two separately, I can’t say I’m overly fond of them together. I also keep inadvertently finding myself using black, white and greys when I’d meant to be reaching for colours instead. I think I’m just going to have to keep trying to use the colours in my scheme as much as I can, which will hopefully result in my getting a greater feel for them so that I can work happily and easily with them within my designs. Which is what Mondays are for I suppose.

Colour Inpsiration – Mark Rothko

After our talk from Helen on Monday about understanding the impact and significance of standardised, mass-produced colours on the art of the past 60 years, I started to research artists who are deeply influenced by colour, and using colours in their work. Having heard of him mentioned previously, I started to think about Mark Rothko and his work with colour. I find his work very inspiring; his use of colours, harmonising and blending them together to create very emotive paintings is very impressive. I find his work very calming and thoughtful; and I will look towards his work when I’m working with colour, and keep in mind how he works.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko