Behind The Scenes

Just some behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot –



Labeled With Love

They arrived on the day of the photoshoot so I wasn’t able to add them in, not that you’d be able to see them while the model was wearing the garments. But while I was getting to the end of making my garments I decided that they needed labels.

It’s strange, or maybe I am, but I was super excited to have designed an printed labels for my jackets. It’s made them seem so much more professional. Anyway, here a picture of what they look like now I’ve sewing them into my jackets.

I’m In A Mood Again

Having updated my mood boards for subject, I decide it was a good a time as any to update my mood boards for field. They needed a bit of rearranging now the my collection has developed. Plus I really like making mood boards at the moment, playing with layers and choosing what images to go together.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.34.10Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.33.41Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.42.10Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.34.28

Cut Me Loose

With (almost) all the of the componants for my jackets completed, Beth and I started to cut the pattern for my first jacket. I laid out the pattern pieces onto the fabric, making sure that they were all laying the right way so as to be cut on the same grain (I know what that means, but I have no idea how to implement it, safe to say that was Beth’s job). Once laid out I outlined them in tailors chalk, which is much easier from what I’ve seen on Great British Sewing Bee, where they used pins or weights to hold the patterns in place to cut them out, it was time to cut them out!

I don’t know what I expected, but I think the pattern cutting was a bit anticlimactic. I thought it would be much more exciting, and it was for a little bit, but then I was just cutting fabric, which I’ve done a lot of. I except the making of the garment, however, to be super exciting.

I’m Made of Wax Simon, What are You Made of? Part 2

Having spend two days last week dying my fabric, it now came to the task of waxing and and interfacing the beast. 3 meters of fabric is actaully quite a lot, but I had a plan of action! On Saturday my wax arrived so it was time to put the plan into action. Phases one, gather supplies – fabric, check. Wax, check. Fusible felt, check. Surface area big enough to work on, kind of. My dining table was big enough that I would be able to do the whole width of the fabric, I just could fit all 3 meters on it, so I started working in sections.

It didn’t take too long to wax the fabric completely (I contracted help!), which was surprising, which just made me get to the sang that much sooner. I ordered 3 meters of fusible felt to pad out the cotton, but the width of the felt was half the width of the cotton. Meaning … that I only had enough felt to covered just over half of the cotton. It was my fault completely, I didn’t check the width before I ordered it, so ill just have to wait until the next batch arrives so that I can finish this stage and move onto the printing and cutting stage!


In My Time of Dying Part 4

Today I spent the day in the dye lab, surprise surprise. I’m still feeling quite lost on the whole design making front, so I decided to start with something I new how to do and was relevant, dying. I made oranges and reds as well as deep purples, mixing colours and finding what worked and what really didn’t. But no matter how many dye baths I created, I couldn’t get a rust colour that I loved. Don’t get me wrong the oranges I made were beautiful, but they just weren’t what I wanted. I want to do more fabric dying again next week, trying out more gradient/ombre techniques and maybe bring in some of the colours that I’ve created today to give the samples brighter and deeper colours.

I plan to work onto every dye samples, but how and with what is another story. I know I plan to paint onto the orange fabrics to see what kind of expressive rust patterns/colours I can make and I plan to use the purple samples to pleat and puff but these are just general ideas, I hope thats enough.

Im Made of Wax, Simon. What are You Made of?

I was speaking with Irene on Friday about how I was going to get my laser-cutting to on stay on the back of my jacket, and she was suggested creating a plastic layer for the jacket on which the laser-cut would sit, which would strengthen the laser-cutting while making the rest of the jacket waterproof. I like the idea, and I like how the dyed fabric looks once its been covered, almost like its coated. But I’m not in love with the idea. I didn’t really want to use plastic so I’ve started looking into coating fabrics. I’ve already got Scotch-guard which would waterproof my fabrics but it didn’t really change the dyed fabric, there wasn’t a noticeable coating. So I’ve been researching how to wax cotton and I’ve found instructions and it seems pretty easy (I love wax coats!). I’ve ordered some wax which will hopefully get here by Thursday, meaning I’ll be able to experiment with how that effects my fabric samples, and hopefully I’ll have been able to make samples for my second jacket! Exciting times ahead.