Manic Mood-Boards

Taking advice from Sarah and Irene, I decided to change my mood boards. They were right; they didn’t fit my collection, the didn’t look professional and they certainly didn’t contain anything of myself in them. They were essentially, just boards with a few photos stuck on them.

Now I know that mood boards shouldn’t take a long time, half a day at the most, but I think I went a little over the time limit. Not by much mind you, but it still took me longer to put together a cohesive set of boards than I would have wanted.

I researched mood boards beforehand, going on art thread and looking at some really cool ones on there, before striking out to create my own.

I used images which I had already gathered, along with a few of my own designs to create some really cool mood boards that matched with the designs that I have been creating, and the overall fell I want my collection to have.

Instead of an inspiration board I decide to to have a font & prints board where I displayed some of my designs along with ones, created but other people, that I find inspirational. This was a really good move, because already, from just looking at this board it focuses my mind.

Another piece of advice I had was to use foam to lift some of the images off the page, giving different levels, which I did and I have to say, I do really like the effect it has; it’s really professional and brings another dimension to the board.

I wasn’t really loving the idea of colour chips on my board. Just blocks of flat colour, or flat foil in my case, so instead, I got out some of my samples that had the foil colours that I’ve decided I’m going to use throughout my collection, and cut a small piece from these samples, so as to see the foils in use. I think it looks much better and fits better with my boards. I also used foam to lift some of the colour and materials into the foreground.

I’m really pleased with my new mood boards, they are definitely better suited to my collection now, and they will help me to really focus and refine my designs.

Digital mood boards above.


Colour and materials board with samples attached.