23 Degrees and South

I’m really pleased with my space for the degree show.

Fun fact about me –  I have no sense of measurement what so ever. I cannot look at something and say how wide it is or how tall. It is completely beyond my capabilities.

That being said, I think I envisioned my layout really well. Last week it got to the point that I knew what I wanted to have in my space, but I couldn’t images how it would fit, because again, I have no sense of measurement, or spacial awareness.

My space looked small to me because I’d been sat there for most of this year and had managed to cramp it with the amount of work and junk I had on my table. Then everything was cleared and there was a ‘oh no, look how much space I have to fill’. However, like goldilocks and that damn porridge, it was actually just right. Everything has fit perfectly. There’s a good amount of white spaced mixed in with the display pieces and my work, and it just generally looks sick. Like really flipping cool. Like how did I pull off this level of coolness. Damn. I’m just so proud of how it looks and how I’ve made it to the end having made something I really loved, and loved every minute of making!

I’m really pleased.

You should come see it in person, it looks so much better. (Just saying)


Big Screen Lies

More screen printing! I’ve pretty much done a repeat of that I did last week, dye then print, then stare at the samples, happy dance, and repeat.

This week I was working mostly with orange and purple fabrics and I was trying to pair up the colours in my palette in a way that wasn’t boring or didn’t have much of an impact. While a lot of my samples are brightly colours with bold prints, I did want some more subdued samples should we say, just to balance it out. After all, not everyone bright orange, with some brilliant white and bright red, crazy right?

With my screen printing I’m trying to bring in the idea of layer. Sow when thinking about my jackets, I wanted to amore sure they would be warm, which means that needed layer, and what the model would wear, quite a few layers and just in general, when its cold you wear layers. Homeless people have many layers because lets face it, on the street, it ain’t warm.

So these are the ideas I was trying to bring into my samples. I have 6 designs on my screen, some I printed just on there own, but others I started to mix and match until something new arrived on the scene. Something cool and colourful and layered.


Marks to Prove It

Today’s formative feedback was really good. I’m surprised and super thrilled wth the mark I received. I wasn’t expecting that but I’m totally ok with having it! My plan of action over easter is really good as well. I don’t have that much that I need to do, just some more experimenting with samples, sorting out my sketchbooks, finishing my garments and just tying up any loose ends really. Its not going to be a mad rush to the finish line, but I do however need to work on my presspack.

Melanie Miller

My presentation with Melanie was quite different from what I expected. I assumed id be standing my by board and would talk her through the different ideas and experiments, when in actually fact we just sat down and had a conversation about what I’m doing and then different ideas and process I’ve been exploring. It was really great to hear her say that the samples I have been producing show evidence of my source images – the three that I haven chosen to focus my designs on. It means that I’m not as far off as I thought and that all my processes and ideas are coming together and not spiralling apart.


Yesterday I did as Helen suggested and started to layer and photograph all the samples I had floating around. I took photos and printed out some of the best ones, they may not necessarily be the best layout but the colour combination were really inspiring so I wanted to keep anything inspirational within view, hoping that this might help with my creativeness for the following week.

I also arranged my board so that the photos that I are using as my main source of inspiration are at the top, and all the dye samples and photographs, fabrics and fastenings are set arranged in such a way that I can read where the ideas mesh and were they seperate out into different sample ideas. I’m hoping that this new arrangement will not only help convey what I’m working on to others, but will hopefully help focus me and my ideas.

Paige’s Mom

Last week was a busy one. Not in that I had loads I needed to do, just that I did a lot.

Now I cannot for the life of me remember what I did on Monday, which is really crazy right? I’ve just checked and I still can’t find evidence of what I was doing. Wait, I’ve found it! (this is just evidence of all I’ve done this week). On both Monday and Tuesday, I was experimenting with dye baths (I can’t believe that was only Monday, it feels like I did that months ago!), and creating colour swatches for my collection. Ok I was trying to make grey but that was covered in another post. Wednesday was filled with professional practice and brain storming and then Thursday came around. The day of the IG prize giving, but more on that later. Thursday morning brought a rush of activities, meetings and tutorials but the best part is that I managed to fit in time to laser-cut!

Earlier that week, Paige’s parents were coming up to Cardiff to drop off the leathers her dad brought back from Columbia (cool right) but not only that, her mum decided to be supremely epic, and bring me cuttings from quite a few different waterproof fabrics from their local fabric shop! Who else would do that?! She’s amazing! So with my fabrics in tow, I hot footed it to the laser-cutter and set about mixing designs and fabrics to get a range of small laser-cutting samples. I wanted to use a variety of materials (I still have latex and neoprene that hasn’t been cut) so that I could decide which one would work with the overall design of one of my jackets.

The design was pretty simple, taken from a photograph of some brick flooring in town, and I’m trying to recreate that image in my jacket, with fabric dying techniques to get the colours, and then laser-cutting for the mesh pattern that had been embedded into the bricks.

Ice Dye on the Highway

Today I experimented with ice dying in an attempt to recreate one of my photographs from around the city, into a fabric sample. I was super excited because I thought for sure this was going to be amazing and work amazingly and just be all amazing. And to be fair it did give me an idea on how to maybe do it better, but I wasn’t happy with the overall result. I was trying to recreate this photo


I wanted the fabric to be dyed in pinks, red and browns to show the colour gradient in the brick, and then I planned to gather get mesh/net fabric for the mesh pattern in the brick, or experiment with some embroidery and dissolvable (I’m still actually planning to do both of these). What I ended up with was this,

which actually looks much better in the photos than real life. I think the colours are really good, I like that soft red/pink colour and I like the darker reds and browns, I just think the actual arrangement or placement of the colours is wrong. However, I know have a plan to have a more controlled result with ice dying (does that make me sound crazy?). I’m planning to dye the fabric an overall colour, most likely that pink, then one by one, add different layers of colour through ice dying, so I still get the natural dispersed effect, just in a hopefully much more controlled manner. I have faith that this will work, and that once its coated in waterproof spray and meshy stuff it will look boss! Which means one fabric design will be done and dusted, and I’ll be able to move on to bigger and scarier things.