Sweet Bow O’ Mine

Next week is when we move into the more developmental stage of creating prototypes and thinking about how our designs will look on products.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I see a picture and I just get super exciting and end up making gift bows! Which is exactly what happened the other day. While I was looking into ribbons and the different types you can get, I came across this crazy halloween gift bow that was just mad, it had loads of layers and furry stuff coming out of the middle, and I just wanted to make a little bow that had my designs on it …

It was pretty simple to make actually, I just chopped up quite a few strips of white organdie, clear acetate and one of my designs that was just sitting in my samples folder and started to glue, staple and stitch them together, and this cute little thing emerged.

The gift bow is an area I’ve been having difficulty with, I want it to fit in with my collection; so I want it to be quite modern and edgy but I just don’t think gift bows are.

So I started looking into different types of bow and I came across a picture of a bow tie, and I started thinking, wouldn’t that be a better approach, having a bow tie (with the elastic collar too) wrapped around a gift box?

I’ve been gathering images of bow ties, both for men and women, and have been looking at the different folds and materials, I saw a really cool one that was made from wire, it was just an outline of a bow … that still classes as a gift bow right?

I’ve also been thinking about hair bows, or just how scarfs are tied into bows, that could be a cool idea to explore, and then I would have both a more masculine and more feminine bow so that my collection will still connect with both markets.

Who knows? My mind wanders everywhere sometimes.