I’m In A Mood Again

Having updated my mood boards for subject, I decide it was a good a time as any to update my mood boards for field. They needed a bit of rearranging now the my collection has developed. Plus I really like making mood boards at the moment, playing with layers and choosing what images to go together.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.34.10Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.33.41Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.42.10Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 16.34.28


I Want To Know What Mood Is

I’ve started to revisit my subject collection, and going back through the feedback to see what changes I can make to try and bump my grade up a bit. First things first, last week I finally made my orange ribbon! I managed to corner Steve and get seem of that beautiful orange foil before all the second/first years used it all up again. I did make two pieces, but the foil hardly came out on the one of them, so I don’t have a smaller piece to fit on my mini product board, but I’m sure I can figure something out.

The next step was to push my mood boards up a notch. My field project has really helped me develop my skills in making mood boards. I used to slap a few images together and think it looked brill, thankfully Irene has really pushed me to research mood boards and see how creative and well laid out they can be.  I know play with different effects in my mood boards, use of layering and text, etc.

I’m much happier with how my new mood boards look, I think they’re so much more professional.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.24.45Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.21.46Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.24.26Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.24.35

Ice Dye on the Highway

Today I experimented with ice dying in an attempt to recreate one of my photographs from around the city, into a fabric sample. I was super excited because I thought for sure this was going to be amazing and work amazingly and just be all amazing. And to be fair it did give me an idea on how to maybe do it better, but I wasn’t happy with the overall result. I was trying to recreate this photo


I wanted the fabric to be dyed in pinks, red and browns to show the colour gradient in the brick, and then I planned to gather get mesh/net fabric for the mesh pattern in the brick, or experiment with some embroidery and dissolvable (I’m still actually planning to do both of these). What I ended up with was this,

which actually looks much better in the photos than real life. I think the colours are really good, I like that soft red/pink colour and I like the darker reds and browns, I just think the actual arrangement or placement of the colours is wrong. However, I know have a plan to have a more controlled result with ice dying (does that make me sound crazy?). I’m planning to dye the fabric an overall colour, most likely that pink, then one by one, add different layers of colour through ice dying, so I still get the natural dispersed effect, just in a hopefully much more controlled manner. I have faith that this will work, and that once its coated in waterproof spray and meshy stuff it will look boss! Which means one fabric design will be done and dusted, and I’ll be able to move on to bigger and scarier things.

Manic Mood-Boards

Taking advice from Sarah and Irene, I decided to change my mood boards. They were right; they didn’t fit my collection, the didn’t look professional and they certainly didn’t contain anything of myself in them. They were essentially, just boards with a few photos stuck on them.

Now I know that mood boards shouldn’t take a long time, half a day at the most, but I think I went a little over the time limit. Not by much mind you, but it still took me longer to put together a cohesive set of boards than I would have wanted.

I researched mood boards beforehand, going on art thread and looking at some really cool ones on there, before striking out to create my own.

I used images which I had already gathered, along with a few of my own designs to create some really cool mood boards that matched with the designs that I have been creating, and the overall fell I want my collection to have.

Instead of an inspiration board I decide to to have a font & prints board where I displayed some of my designs along with ones, created but other people, that I find inspirational. This was a really good move, because already, from just looking at this board it focuses my mind.

Another piece of advice I had was to use foam to lift some of the images off the page, giving different levels, which I did and I have to say, I do really like the effect it has; it’s really professional and brings another dimension to the board.

I wasn’t really loving the idea of colour chips on my board. Just blocks of flat colour, or flat foil in my case, so instead, I got out some of my samples that had the foil colours that I’ve decided I’m going to use throughout my collection, and cut a small piece from these samples, so as to see the foils in use. I think it looks much better and fits better with my boards. I also used foam to lift some of the colour and materials into the foreground.

I’m really pleased with my new mood boards, they are definitely better suited to my collection now, and they will help me to really focus and refine my designs.

Digital mood boards above.


Colour and materials board with samples attached. 



Karma Collagraph

I did managed to make a plate yesterday. I said I would and I did! hooray.For this plate I combined textures, font and embroidery to see the different effects that they would produce. I like the results that I got, and weirdly enough, I prefer the scrap paper which I used during the print, to the ones printed on the good paper I had sourced! Crazy right, but I think theres something messier about and much more fluid about the accidental prints. 

I experimented with print runs; which basically means that I printed it quite a few times before re-inking. I did however label what order they were printed out in so I would be able to know how many times the plate need to be printed for whichever effect I preferred. But as I said, I actually like the mistake prints better, which doesn’t bode well for recreating them. I love the effects that the collagraph prints create, being able to see the actual texture of whatever it is you use, so much so that you think you’d be able to feel it, but I’m not sure how well collagraph would work on the materials I’ve been using, like fabric and acetate? I think thats something I’ll have to look into if the IG guys seem keen on that technique. Friday however, God willing I my foils actually get delivered tomorrow and not tossed back into the post van!, I will be focusing on printed more samples in the morning so that I have a greater range of surfaces an colour ways that I can embroider into in the afternoon. 

Every Breath You Take, Every Sample You Make

Today was a day. Many things went wrong, I knew what I wanted to while not really knowing what I wanted to do, and I spend a lot of time with wet leggings thanks to the jet wash.

I came prepared with five different design to print that I’d whipped up so I would have something to experiment with, and hopefully as a way of honing my ideas somewhat.

First thing to go wrong, well not wrong, just more prolonged than I would have wanted was the cleaning of my screen after exposing it. I had to get Steve to turn the normal jet into a super jet and blast the scene to the point where I was sure the water was going to rip through the mesh. One of my designs didn’t work at all because the lines where too thin, and another didn’t wash out fully, I’m not quite sure why, but already things were looking difficult, not that I let that stop me, I was determined  to spend the whole day in the studio even if it killed me! (Not literally ..)

I’d brought with me an array of different substrates to print on, silver embossing foil, black cotton organdie, white cotton organdie, photo paper, cloudy acetate and clear acetate sheets. I’d also brought my own screen printing ink so that I would be able to print in white ink, super exciting right? I experimented with using my different designs on the different surfaces, using a selections of colours and foils, all with the background idea that most of the designs should be able to layers and create new possibilities, or stand alone.

I really like the idea of having multiple layered designs, and not just multiple layer on one piece of paper or fabric, but using sheer and see-through layers of materials so that these could be layered up, which I was what I have been experimenting with this past week, and what I especially tried to experiment with today. I’m not going lie, a lot of the combinations of materials and foils I didn’t particularly like, but I’m still continuing to look at them and see how I could layer them up, or decide wether the design is strong enough, and cohesive enough with the direction of my collection, to stand on it own.

I had a few happy accidents throughout the day, one was learning that I could foil onto embossing foil, (even if I didn’t occur to me that it would be really hot coming out the heat press) the other was when I was trying to foil onto photo paper. Now I’d had reservations about foiling onto photo paper cause I was pretty sure that what made it shiny was that the paper was coated in plastic, turns out I was right; while in the press the plastic on the photo paper go so hot that the foil started to stick to the paper where there as no glue, but … it ended up looking really cool. I really liked the effect that it turned up, not that I would ever be able to recreate that, but I really love it. It felt more edgy that if the design had worked properly, like the paper had gone against what design I wanted and decided that it wanted to like this way instead. (I’m not crazy, I know paper can’t do that, by they way).

Im finding it quite difficult to work with colour. I’d much prefer to be working in wholly black white and grey, but for this collection I’m trying to experiment with colour; I’m just finding it really difficult to like how it looks. I really like using orange foil, but when I used orange ink I was getting a real halloween vibe which I really didn’t want. I’ve been mixing dark blue with hot pink and while I like the two separately, I can’t say I’m overly fond of them together. I also keep inadvertently finding myself using black, white and greys when I’d meant to be reaching for colours instead. I think I’m just going to have to keep trying to use the colours in my scheme as much as I can, which will hopefully result in my getting a greater feel for them so that I can work happily and easily with them within my designs. Which is what Mondays are for I suppose.