Lady Picture Show

Earlier this week the plan for the degree show layout came back, which resulting in some feng shui-ing of my original plan. Mostly just so I have a solid plan to work from and am not winging it on the one day i’ll be able to get reinforcements to help me make my display amazing!

New and improved: DISPLAY PLAN


Mineral Forms 

Every Tuesday this term we are having lectures that will help us with the creation of our collection. Last week inspired me to change my designs, and this week has done the same! 

I’m starting to sense a pattern, I learn something new, and suddenly my work changes, which is a good thing, it also means that I’ve been making loads of designs!

Today was a lecture on croquis designs, which was quite interesting, we were told what was needed if our croquis, the size, what techniques we could be using, which links in really well with last week when we’re looking into different types of designs. 

We were tasked with creating croquis today, two croquis; one plain one textured; and then to create two coordinating croquis then to create different colourways. It’s safe to say that I haven’t created all of these today, I haven’t really created one, but what I have done is create motifs.

 I’ve spend quite a while trying to figure it how I want my collection to look and what sort of imagery I want to use, but I haven’t been happier than with my chosen motifs today. While I was trying to create my first croquis, I drew (well shaded really) a few mineral/crystals which are quite graphic in appearance, but I really loved them. 

I was side tracked from this when Helen  arrived for out tutorial, we discussed what I had created and possible ideas for how to improve them to make them more suitable for croquis designs, but we also talked about how I could use these new illustrations! I was really pleased. 

At the moment in using these little illustrations to create my first croquis, but I’m jumping the gun; my mind keeps going to coordinating designs and I’m having trouble thinking of how to create them or what they would even look like. I’m sure I’m just over thing things and it’s a lot simpler than I’m making no myself believe. I just need to step back and focus on the priliminary design before getting caught up makin coordinates. 

Overall I’m really happy with today. I’ve gone away with new most if and have been creating a few experiments/ideas one photos which I can use as a starting point.

I look forwards to creating my croquis designs and seeing how they develop from the original illustration.