23 Degrees and South

I’m really pleased with my space for the degree show.

Fun fact about me –  I have no sense of measurement what so ever. I cannot look at something and say how wide it is or how tall. It is completely beyond my capabilities.

That being said, I think I envisioned my layout really well. Last week it got to the point that I knew what I wanted to have in my space, but I couldn’t images how it would fit, because again, I have no sense of measurement, or spacial awareness.

My space looked small to me because I’d been sat there for most of this year and had managed to cramp it with the amount of work and junk I had on my table. Then everything was cleared and there was a ‘oh no, look how much space I have to fill’. However, like goldilocks and that damn porridge, it was actually just right. Everything has fit perfectly. There’s a good amount of white spaced mixed in with the display pieces and my work, and it just generally looks sick. Like really flipping cool. Like how did I pull off this level of coolness. Damn. I’m just so proud of how it looks and how I’ve made it to the end having made something I really loved, and loved every minute of making!

I’m really pleased.

You should come see it in person, it looks so much better. (Just saying)


Behind The Scenes

Just some behind the scenes photos from the photoshoot –


Days Of The Week

This week was a a bit of mad dash. Although now that I think about it it was a very relaxed mad dash, more of a frantic stroll, but enough of that, let me tell you why. I came in on Monday, knowing that I need to have both of garments completed by the end of Wednesday because the photoshoot (in which the models are suppose to be wearing OUR GARMENTS!) was on Thursday, and it just so happened that I was first in the list to have my garments photographs.

With the weight of that hanging over my head, I laser-cut the two section for my one garment, and then created the hood outer with the laser-cut section trapped in. I know, sometimes I amazes even myself.

Tuesday, Beth fixed in the lining, and we pinned the larger laser-cut section to the jacket, and that when I got scissor happy and made that laser-cutting look extra fine. It was then time to trap that into the colour and attached the hood. Oh and at some point before the lining went in, I died some fabric bright yellow (yayayya!) for the pockets – which means Beth also put in the zips. Its all a bit of blur what happened that day but you know what? The jacket got completed!

Alternatively the lining could have gone in on Wednesday morning, I’m not sure anymore.


Thursday dawned bright and early, like really early! I don’t think I’ve seen that hour of the morning for a long time, just saying. It was quite a strange experience, not something I ever thought I would be doing. I felt a little out of place, everyone else was very professional while I was still be my normal self and watering what the flip id gotten myself into, however when my garments started getting photographed it got better. I was so cool to see the model wearing my clothes! and they looked so good, not that I’m blowing my own horn, but heck yes I am cause they were flipping awesome!

Thankfully my fellow amigo Paige was there on Friday to get my photographs so I’d be able to make my lookbook over the weekend, which I did! Bo-yah! It’s not a big book, only two sheets of paper but I thought I twas something nice to add into my press packs and have chilling in my display space. We’ll soon see if that was the right decision.


Look Alive, Sunshine

I had another meeting with Nada today to go over my improved portfolio pages, and she gave me some more tips on how to make the whole thing more succinct and cohesive. theres going to be a continuing grid pattern/theme running throughout the whole portfolio, with a lot of focus on sketches and fabric samples.

as it turns out, I only have until Friday to complete my portfolio if I’m going to be sending it into the Burberry competition, so I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve made a few changes already, and mostly the work I have to do is digitally based. However, there is some laser-cutting I want to do to include in the portfolio just to add a little more umph. hopefully all goes well this week and I’m able to get my portfolio completed!

Artificial Red

On Tuesday I spend the day creating some more gradient/ombre dye samples because I want happy with how dull the colours were on the first batch. I tried different bye baths, using a orange and purple to make a gradient from a light orange into a deep red, and also used a bright red dye bath to make the colours on the fabrics brighter, which I really loved. My favourite sample was from combining a pale brown colour, which I then created a gradient with in a bright red dye bath, before coming to a new gradient to create a lovely deep red from a dark purple dye bath.

I really love being able to know how to mix colours in a dye lab and how to combine the results to make new colours. I have really loved experimenting with dying this term, maybe a bit too much, but I’m so glad that I decided to create the colours for my garments myself.

Pretty Grids

Where I’m at right now is trying to decide where I want the laser-cut piece to sit on my jacket. My plan is to have a piece of laser-cut fabric, representing one part of my original image, laid over the jacket as this attached but really organic and moving piece. So I need a fabric that is waterproof, is strong and moveable but not breakable, laser-cuts well and goes with my colour scheme and the overall feel of my jacket design.

Irene found me some open weave hessian to drape over my jacket toile so that I would be able to visual what I’m thinking about but I don’t know if that actually helped me or I just got scissor happy hacking into the hessian. What I’m planning to do is play with the technical drawing I created of this jacket, and layer over my grid pattern in the hopes of finding what I want, and then maybe ill have a better idea to take to Irene.

Sweet Painted Lady

I wanted to know what my laser-cut pieces would look like on top of my dyed fabrics, but since I have dyed my fabrics yet, I thought it would be a good idea to paint some backgrounds which may or may not look like the dying, but its in the general colour range.

Even though this is not what my final design will look like, I really like how its looking already. Hopefully once some of my dye samples have been made ill have a better picture of what that outcome will be.