A Design For Life

Both Monday and yesterday were dedicated to garment production; cutting pattern species, attempting to sew seams, more pattern cutting. I made the body and sleeves of my first jacket, but since I don’t have the level of skill to put in sleeves, that’s something that will have to wait for another day.

Yesterday evening however, was dedicated to making a few new designs that I could then take into print and experiment with for the rest of the week. i decided to be a bit experimental with my designs, using a piece of charcoal, I took some of the shapes from my original photographs and turned them into quick marks, along with translating a bit of knit which was on my board, into a a few curved marks, which turned out to be quite interesting. I then spent the night scanning these in and turning them in designs/patterns. I’m looking forward to experimenting with these designs in print, especially using Devore.


Bright Idea

Today was the mock presentation to help prepare for when the external examiner is in next week. I hasn’t done much more sampling than from the previous week, but I had tried my hand at some (really bad) pleating. It was the first time I’d ever tried pleating and you could probably tell from how messy they were, but I hung them up anyway to show where my thought process was going. I’d also created some new gradient dyed fabric samples using some of the new colours I’d made in the dye lab, as well as some experiments where I had painted onto fabric.

From my feedback I gave a good presentation that was short and to the point, clearly outlining where I wanted to take my collection.

As for what I need to be looking at doing in time for next week, is to bring my ideas together more constructively; at the moment I’ve been working a lot with colours, so theres a few things I need to get in order:

  • Bring in any other substrates or materials that I want to use, e.g. if I’m using contrast fabrics or any cuffs/collars, any materials for the jacket linings.
  • Show clearly the research of different ways to coat fabrics and other waterproofing methods.

I talked about using felt interfacing as a backing for the thinner of my fabrics, which would take make the fabric sturdier, thicker and warmer so another suggestion was to show a sample of this.

  • Have a range of laser-cut samples. I have a few different sized samples in different materials but a wider range displayed would show more fully what I’m thinking.
  • Think more on whats going to be on the surface of my fabrics and start to make designs to help focus my direction.
  • Maybe bring in some warmer fabrics or techniques and think about layering, so maybe bringing in a knit in one of the colours for my collection.
  • Redo my pleating samples. On paper as a starter so they have really crisp edges and then on stiffened fabrics.
  • Experiment with either printing or sewing as a way to bring in some of the finer elements of my design ideas.
  • And to think about the different ways in which the main photograph I am taking my inspiration from could be used, e.g. as a allover print on a hoodie? Could they translate into a knitted pattern or screen printed design etc.

I’m pleased to have gotten feedback on really specific areas in which I need to improve and explore, it really helps knowing where I should be going next; but it has also reminded me of how much time I’ve spend on trying to find what colours I want to use and how to apply these to my fabrics, than having been pursuing tasks that I should have already completed.