Things Can Only Get Better

My presentation with Marie and Keireine went really well. From what I can remember (post-presentation mind fog had descended). I spoke clearly about my collection and used up the whole five minutes (though I was glad when it ended). I would have said more, but when that timer goes off, all thoughts of what I was about to say next vanished, its the strangest thing.

My display was set out really well, even if I do say so myself, I made sure that entering I used that was part of my collection, matched well, like the mesh memo board I used to click all my products too.

Keriene has mentioned before that I didn’t experiment enough to begin with, mainly because I kept having a lot of happy accidents, but I’ve tried to think about, and show, different ways I add colour into my wrapping paper, or on my sheet wrap how I could add another layer of designs; all of which are laid out in my sketchbook. I just have to make sure during the next project, I experiment as much as I can (which doesn’t seem like a difficult thought at the moment because I have barley an idea).

One thing that was pretty clear from my feedback was that I still need to work on my gift bow. That blasted thing just doesn’t have the same feeling as the rest of my collection, its too pretty, or as Paige would say ‘its too hipster’.

So how do I make a bow that’s not pretty, or hipster, matches with my collection really well and isn’t something I want to throw at the wall?

At the moment, literally as I’m typing, I’m in the process of making metal bows. I’ve made a few bow ties with metal or out of metal, now I’m doing something thats not a bow tie at all, but is metal and well it’ll stop me from going crazy (which is why I’ve taken a break from the bows to blog).

I have a good feeling about the bow I’m making, maybe because its not actually a bow, just something a bit unusual. And maybe its because I get to play with metal and superglue in the hopes of making mesh. Thats always fun. It also involves a weaving, kind of, which is also fun, and relaxing, but more to come on the bows later.

Back to my feedback; I was really pleased with the overall comments; both Marie and Keireine liked my collection, and where really positive about what I’ve made, which was just really amazing to hear. I’ve really enjoyed this project so it hasn’t really felt like work work (except the bow), its been enjoyable work and I’m glad to see that is not all be for nothing. *happy dance*


This Must Be The Bow

The quest for the best gift bow is upon us. The rules are as follows; use only grey, black, white and purple; include organdie and embossing foil; be creative, be inspired and, embroidery is allowed.

You have 1 day to complete your task.


Four bow ties later and I was ready to give up for the day. My mind was literally crying out for me to stop looking at bows; to stop making bow, and for the love of all things glittery, to stop looking at bows!


The first I created as a tester, to experiment with shape. The second was combining embossing foil, with white print and purple thread. The third, black, white and grey came into play, along with some font and foil. The fourth bow was getting better; made from printed organdie with a purple foil backing and silver foil holder.

It wasn’t until after my tutorial with Keireine (a most welcome break) did I make the bow to surpass all other bows. A masterpiece made of white organdie, with a white printed font design; combined with colour pops of purple embroidery and wrapped safely in a silver foil holder.

I can’t take all the credit mind you, Keireine told me what she liked most about the other bows, which was the printed font pattern and gave me a few ideas on how to combine the colour pops and from there, there was a lot of finger stabbing and squinting.

I definitely think that the colour pops are ingenious. I can think of a few other ways of trying to add colour to the bow but none would have been as effective and good looking as embroidering a few random letters. The purple takes the bow into a whole other level of interesting. The colours work well with both of my wrapping papers, and while my roll wrap also had purple colours pops, these aren’t enough so that my sheet wrap looks like the odd man out.

Im really happy with my bow, and how this has made my collection process. I’m very happy with the direction it is going in and I can’t wait to see what feedback I get from the I/G visit coming up.


Sweet Bow O’ Mine

Next week is when we move into the more developmental stage of creating prototypes and thinking about how our designs will look on products.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I see a picture and I just get super exciting and end up making gift bows! Which is exactly what happened the other day. While I was looking into ribbons and the different types you can get, I came across this crazy halloween gift bow that was just mad, it had loads of layers and furry stuff coming out of the middle, and I just wanted to make a little bow that had my designs on it …

It was pretty simple to make actually, I just chopped up quite a few strips of white organdie, clear acetate and one of my designs that was just sitting in my samples folder and started to glue, staple and stitch them together, and this cute little thing emerged.

The gift bow is an area I’ve been having difficulty with, I want it to fit in with my collection; so I want it to be quite modern and edgy but I just don’t think gift bows are.

So I started looking into different types of bow and I came across a picture of a bow tie, and I started thinking, wouldn’t that be a better approach, having a bow tie (with the elastic collar too) wrapped around a gift box?

I’ve been gathering images of bow ties, both for men and women, and have been looking at the different folds and materials, I saw a really cool one that was made from wire, it was just an outline of a bow … that still classes as a gift bow right?

I’ve also been thinking about hair bows, or just how scarfs are tied into bows, that could be a cool idea to explore, and then I would have both a more masculine and more feminine bow so that my collection will still connect with both markets.

Who knows? My mind wanders everywhere sometimes.