Marks to Prove It

Today’s formative feedback was really good. I’m surprised and super thrilled wth the mark I received. I wasn’t expecting that but I’m totally ok with having it! My plan of action over easter is really good as well. I don’t have that much that I need to do, just some more experimenting with samples, sorting out my sketchbooks, finishing my garments and just tying up any loose ends really. Its not going to be a mad rush to the finish line, but I do however need to work on my presspack.


Melanie Miller

My presentation with Melanie was quite different from what I expected. I assumed id be standing my by board and would talk her through the different ideas and experiments, when in actually fact we just sat down and had a conversation about what I’m doing and then different ideas and process I’ve been exploring. It was really great to hear her say that the samples I have been producing show evidence of my source images – the three that I haven chosen to focus my designs on. It means that I’m not as far off as I thought and that all my processes and ideas are coming together and not spiralling apart.

Bright Idea

Today was the mock presentation to help prepare for when the external examiner is in next week. I hasn’t done much more sampling than from the previous week, but I had tried my hand at some (really bad) pleating. It was the first time I’d ever tried pleating and you could probably tell from how messy they were, but I hung them up anyway to show where my thought process was going. I’d also created some new gradient dyed fabric samples using some of the new colours I’d made in the dye lab, as well as some experiments where I had painted onto fabric.

From my feedback I gave a good presentation that was short and to the point, clearly outlining where I wanted to take my collection.

As for what I need to be looking at doing in time for next week, is to bring my ideas together more constructively; at the moment I’ve been working a lot with colours, so theres a few things I need to get in order:

  • Bring in any other substrates or materials that I want to use, e.g. if I’m using contrast fabrics or any cuffs/collars, any materials for the jacket linings.
  • Show clearly the research of different ways to coat fabrics and other waterproofing methods.

I talked about using felt interfacing as a backing for the thinner of my fabrics, which would take make the fabric sturdier, thicker and warmer so another suggestion was to show a sample of this.

  • Have a range of laser-cut samples. I have a few different sized samples in different materials but a wider range displayed would show more fully what I’m thinking.
  • Think more on whats going to be on the surface of my fabrics and start to make designs to help focus my direction.
  • Maybe bring in some warmer fabrics or techniques and think about layering, so maybe bringing in a knit in one of the colours for my collection.
  • Redo my pleating samples. On paper as a starter so they have really crisp edges and then on stiffened fabrics.
  • Experiment with either printing or sewing as a way to bring in some of the finer elements of my design ideas.
  • And to think about the different ways in which the main photograph I am taking my inspiration from could be used, e.g. as a allover print on a hoodie? Could they translate into a knitted pattern or screen printed design etc.

I’m pleased to have gotten feedback on really specific areas in which I need to improve and explore, it really helps knowing where I should be going next; but it has also reminded me of how much time I’ve spend on trying to find what colours I want to use and how to apply these to my fabrics, than having been pursuing tasks that I should have already completed.

Present Tense

I think my tutorial went quite well.  I was a bit nervous because I was speaking in front of people, and while I have gotten so much better at presenting in these last three years, I still don’t like it. I explained my idea to Keireine, Irene and Helen, how I want to to use three main photos II had taken of manhole covers and use these as the inspiration for my samples. I explained how I thought I was focusing too much on the production of the garment instead of being free to experiment with my sampling, and how I’m trying to just go back to focusing on ideas and samples.

They really liked my colours and my ideas, as well as my dye samples and they had some really good advice for creating a rust dye bath, and also layering up the samples I have with my laser cutting and painted idea and juts taking photos and see what looks good; and to also put more of myself and my designs onto my board.

Things Can Only Get Better

My presentation with Marie and Keireine went really well. From what I can remember (post-presentation mind fog had descended). I spoke clearly about my collection and used up the whole five minutes (though I was glad when it ended). I would have said more, but when that timer goes off, all thoughts of what I was about to say next vanished, its the strangest thing.

My display was set out really well, even if I do say so myself, I made sure that entering I used that was part of my collection, matched well, like the mesh memo board I used to click all my products too.

Keriene has mentioned before that I didn’t experiment enough to begin with, mainly because I kept having a lot of happy accidents, but I’ve tried to think about, and show, different ways I add colour into my wrapping paper, or on my sheet wrap how I could add another layer of designs; all of which are laid out in my sketchbook. I just have to make sure during the next project, I experiment as much as I can (which doesn’t seem like a difficult thought at the moment because I have barley an idea).

One thing that was pretty clear from my feedback was that I still need to work on my gift bow. That blasted thing just doesn’t have the same feeling as the rest of my collection, its too pretty, or as Paige would say ‘its too hipster’.

So how do I make a bow that’s not pretty, or hipster, matches with my collection really well and isn’t something I want to throw at the wall?

At the moment, literally as I’m typing, I’m in the process of making metal bows. I’ve made a few bow ties with metal or out of metal, now I’m doing something thats not a bow tie at all, but is metal and well it’ll stop me from going crazy (which is why I’ve taken a break from the bows to blog).

I have a good feeling about the bow I’m making, maybe because its not actually a bow, just something a bit unusual. And maybe its because I get to play with metal and superglue in the hopes of making mesh. Thats always fun. It also involves a weaving, kind of, which is also fun, and relaxing, but more to come on the bows later.

Back to my feedback; I was really pleased with the overall comments; both Marie and Keireine liked my collection, and where really positive about what I’ve made, which was just really amazing to hear. I’ve really enjoyed this project so it hasn’t really felt like work work (except the bow), its been enjoyable work and I’m glad to see that is not all be for nothing. *happy dance*

I Knew You Were Waiting For Feedback

I’ve really enjoyed this project and think that shows in my collection.

I’ve managed to find combination of different events that has really worked for me. I really like the client that I’ve chosen to create for, kidults both male and female; I love my choice of inspiration for my graphics – urban grid patterns and typography; and I really like that I’ve been taking my inspiration from modern and 80s slang/phrases and technology.
I’ve especially lied my colour scheme which composes of monotone colours with bright 80s colour pops. I have a really fun time combining different colours and patterns together and I think I’ve done quite a good job of it.

This confidence I have in collection is what I took to my tutorial with Keireine, who liked what I’ve created so far, which was really great.

She really liked the colour scheme that I have used, and gave me a few pointers on how to best use the colour pops, and she also gave me a few ideas for experiments with my sheet wrapping paper.

I was really happy with my feedback, and how little I need to change, which is amazing because it means that I’ve chosen my theme and client really well.

I did however test out keireine’s suggestion of giving my mood boards a grey, industrial background. I thought it might make the other images less noticeable, but it actually really liked the result, which means I will totally try out every suggestion that Keireine gave me, because lets face it, she really knows what she’s on about!

Dissertation Draft Feedback

This week I had my feedback for my dissertation draft back from Ashley, which as always, turns out to be super helpful. She gave me some really good pointer back on my writing style and way to make my dissertation sound much more formal and professional.

I wish that while I write, I explained more. Or even noticed where I need to explain more. It’s like I don’t even think that certain parts need explaining because, well I know what I’m writing about, so surely everyone else knows it too! I kind of forget that everyone knows different things and someone who’s never chosen one of Ashley’s modules, probably doesn’t know what Marx theory of direct creation is, or what theories Bordieu had on class segregation.

I also didn’t realise that I wrote so informally, I always remember when I was told that while writing an essay no one cares about my opinion, so I needed to say them as if they were fact – never ever writing ‘I’ or personalising it. Funnily enough, I don’t remember who told me this, when they told me this or where. I just remember that when writing essays, and dissertations by extension, you should never be personal. Which is why I found it very weird to write a very personal introduction.

But back to the point, I write too informally, using a lot of ‘we’ and ‘you’ and ‘looking at’, so I need to totally nip that in the bud and start sounding way more analytical, *face palm*, start sounding much more analytical. (I’m learning already!)

I also finally got Situating Everyday Life by Sarah Pink from the inter-library loan system. There are two chapters that sound like the could be super interesting, the introduction, which is about everyday activism, and also one of the later chapters which looks at including the internet. Both chapters could be really helpful to my dissertation, and I’m actually looking forward to reading it.

overall I was pleased with my feedback, and the fact that my dissertation is on its way to being done. I’ve established a structure and my style of writing, while needing to be more formal, I think is actually ok for stringing my ideas together. I feel like once I make these small changes to my dissertation so far, I will able to take on board how I need to write the rest and and up with a super boss dissertation that really professional sounding, makes great arguments and is actually quite interesting.