Beautiful Monster

I had a great ambition: to create a men’s jacket. But when those sleeves first got sewed in, I realised, I’ve made a monster. A monster I desperately wish to flee from. How could I have been so reckless, so naive as to think my creation would be accepted by the world; would be beautiful.

It’s purple skin has been marred by these strange white marks. I don’t know where they came from. I don’t know how to fix what I’ve put so desperately wrong.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now.

Last week was super productive for me, I gathered all the pieces for my second jacket (Simon), and then went about putting them together. After putting four sleeves in, two for the outer and two for the lining, I was feeling pretty confident in my abilities. As well as super chuffed because I’d successfully created almost most of my jacket!

Joining the outer and the lining proved to be a beast of a different nature however, and after how long it took to figure out how to get them matches up correctly, Beth (thankfully!) took over and zipped the pieces together in super quickly.

I thought I was going to have much more difficulty with sewing together the pattern pieces, and while I didn’t create the whole jacket, I’m very proud of what I did create. I’m not a sewer. I can sew, but I’m not confident that I can create really fiddly things, but with this jacket I have! Yay me.


Turn The Page

After working on my portfolio with Nada, I decided to show Irene the pages I have been working on and she gave me some suggestions on which I should change. The pages were a bit full so I shuffled things around to get some more white space, then swapped a few images around, rejigged my theme and colour pages, created a line up that would be printed on tracing paper and laid over toe images. I’ve made sure that I have samples of the materials for which my jackets are going to be made out of to put in. I also edited the front page with the British Fashion Council logo, which is where my portfolio will be heading in May with Irene, but also the Burberry logo, where my portfolio will be making its was next week! Eek!

Cut Me Loose

With (almost) all the of the componants for my jackets completed, Beth and I started to cut the pattern for my first jacket. I laid out the pattern pieces onto the fabric, making sure that they were all laying the right way so as to be cut on the same grain (I know what that means, but I have no idea how to implement it, safe to say that was Beth’s job). Once laid out I outlined them in tailors chalk, which is much easier from what I’ve seen on Great British Sewing Bee, where they used pins or weights to hold the patterns in place to cut them out, it was time to cut them out!

I don’t know what I expected, but I think the pattern cutting was a bit anticlimactic. I thought it would be much more exciting, and it was for a little bit, but then I was just cutting fabric, which I’ve done a lot of. I except the making of the garment, however, to be super exciting.

Look Alive, Sunshine

I had another meeting with Nada today to go over my improved portfolio pages, and she gave me some more tips on how to make the whole thing more succinct and cohesive. theres going to be a continuing grid pattern/theme running throughout the whole portfolio, with a lot of focus on sketches and fabric samples.

as it turns out, I only have until Friday to complete my portfolio if I’m going to be sending it into the Burberry competition, so I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ve made a few changes already, and mostly the work I have to do is digitally based. However, there is some laser-cutting I want to do to include in the portfolio just to add a little more umph. hopefully all goes well this week and I’m able to get my portfolio completed!

Fashion Victim

I’m not really sure what I’m doing when it comes to portfolio pages. Its a completely new area of design for me and I’m just a bit of a lost as to what I want I too look like. Irene has given me past portfolios to look at which are really inspiring and look really ethnically impressive, which I don’t know how to recreate, or apply to my own pages.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 21.24.37

One for the Cutters

I cut a pattern! I have never cut a pattern before and I won’t lie I didn’t really know what I was doing. Beth did explain but a lot went over my head which left me searching for answers by the time she’d left, however, I only forgot two things, 1) how to measure the hood, and 2) the change the back panel so that it dipped. So really I’m very proud. Only one more to go and then toiling begins. Or I might start toiling the first jacket while I pattern cut for the next, who knows.

(now some photos of me looking all professional)


In My Time of Dying

Today I spend the day testing fabric dying times and the strengths of the dyes. I was looking to make a grey to dye my fabric, and using the dye that I experimented with when I made my last dye samples, I set out trying to gauge the different shades available to me. However, I have no idea why, the dye decided to be blue today, instead of grey. I was hoping that they would dry greyer, they didn’t, but I now have a better idea of how much dye and for how long I need to soak the fabric for.

Tomorrow I plan to start mixing in other dyes in order to neutralise the blue and get to a more black/grey.