Book of Revelation

Maybe not quite, but I did make a look book to go in my press pack. I wanted something that was a bit different but still showed all the work that I’ve out into this collection, and I’ve had the idea of a look book floating around in my head for a few months now (probably because Irene said it and it just lodged itself in my brain). so why the heck not right?

It’s only a tiny little thing, a5 with only 6 pages, but its a cool little addition to my press pack, and as its so small it didn’t take too long to design the pages, leaving plenty of time for me to procrastinate with something else.


Labeled With Love

They arrived on the day of the photoshoot so I wasn’t able to add them in, not that you’d be able to see them while the model was wearing the garments. But while I was getting to the end of making my garments I decided that they needed labels.

It’s strange, or maybe I am, but I was super excited to have designed an printed labels for my jackets. It’s made them seem so much more professional. Anyway, here a picture of what they look like now I’ve sewing them into my jackets.

Lady Picture Show

Earlier this week the plan for the degree show layout came back, which resulting in some feng shui-ing of my original plan. Mostly just so I have a solid plan to work from and am not winging it on the one day i’ll be able to get reinforcements to help me make my display amazing!

New and improved: DISPLAY PLAN

What Comes Next Part 2

With one colour way completed, I then moved onto the next. I had a brilliant idea of swapping colour palettes with the friend (not so subtly name dropped in the last post) to create a completely different look. The new colour palette was brights! having never worked with brights it took me a while before I would find a combination that didn’t make my eyes bleed, but at long last I got there.

Once my designs were altered, I made up a CAD visual of another sub collection, this one being women sportswear.

I’m really happy with my alternative colours ways. I don’t think I’ve every made alternative colour ways that worked as well as these do!

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.39.21


The Melting Point of Wax

The next step after dying my fabric was to look at coating it. I’ve chosen to experiment with waxing my fabric –  I really love the feel of it, how it changes to colours of the fabrics – as a method of waterproofing my material. I’d previously experimented with using scotch guard but there was no noticeable different to the fabric which was quite disappointing.

After speaking with Irene I started to experiment wth different ways in which I can wax my fabrics. Firstly I tried an all over wax which I achieved by rubbing the wax onto the fabric, similar to using a crayon, and then ironing so that the wax sank into the fabric. I then moved on to melting the wax before applying to the fabric to see if this would be a quicker way of waxing my fabric as I have 3 metres that needs to be waxed. However, the wax solidified too much on the brush before, causing dried wax strip over the fabric. As this didn’t melt into the fabric, I then had to iron the wax so that it would absorb into the fabric.


The final wax experiment I tried was to draw a grid over the fabric with the wax, which was actually really easy. I used the wax, again like a crayon, to draw the lines of the grid shape. The wax expands into the fabric when it gets melted, making to the lines thicker. I didn’t expect to like this experiment, I was prepared to try it and dismiss it but I actually really like it. I’m not keen on the fact that if I wax in a grid pattern not all of the fabric will be waterproof, however the visual effect was really cool.

Trying to keep this idea of having a grid on my fabric also, I took one of my fully waxed sample into the print room, and using a deep orange colour, I printed a grid over the fabric. Where the fabric was lighter in colour the grid was more prominent, then subtle becoming less noticeable the darker the fabric good which was a really cool effect. At the moment I’m really interested in using this technique for my jacket fabric as this would insure that my whole jacket is waterproof.


Paint it Black

Something I touched on earlier was about taking a step away from thinking about what I will be producing for my degree show, and just focus on designs and experimenting and making samples of my textiles.


I’ve started with paintings of general ideas, which I turned into a dye sample. The one painting is much more expressive and organic, while the dye sample is much smoother and I don’t know, I feel like something is missing. I created a smooth ombré from one colour to another and then another but I don’t know what to do with that. I like the expressive marks of dabbing with a sponge to create the illusion of bricks, so maybe I can do this on to of the dying? I honestly don’t know. I created these painting so that I had an idea of what I wanted to do on the actual fabrics but it’s turning out to be a bit confusing to me because the results that were so quickly made with the brush isn’t easily replicated on fabric – it’s much less natural and organic once it’s something I’m trying to purposely make.


Pocket Full of Sunshine


Who would have thought that I would need to consider pockets. Would have to ponder and ruminate on pockets. Or that I would have fun thinking of different words of thinking while I was suppose to be actually be thinking of pockets.

There are so many things that I never thought I would have to think about. Zips, shoulder seams, patterns, pockets, dropped crotch trousers; and yet I am. I sound like I’m complaining, and maybe I am a little, but this fashion outcome is still exciting to me, which I think is important. 6 weeks in and I don’t regret my choice, I don’t want to be doing something else, I’m just a little teensy bit overwhelmed. Anyway, pockets.

My jackets need pockets and I need to think about what pockets I want. Here is a handy collection of images of pockets:

I like the exaggerated pockets, but I’m thinking that in order to compliment the design of my jacket, weft pockets would be more appropriate, plus they’re cool! I have these really beautiful waterproof zips that I got from Klein’s in London, a dark purple and a Burgundy colour which I think would look amazing with the colourings of my jacket.