Leader Of The Pack

My press packs are complete. Concluded. Wrapped up. Finalised. Done.

I had a little trouble deciding what I wanted to put into my press pack at the start, I wanted something that would make it individual, and a little more, ‘oh that cool’ instead of ‘hello generic press pack number 12’.

I decided to print a really bold coloured image on the back of my CV, this way theres a pop of colour! I also popped in my super cool postcard and my flipping epic business cards. Can I hear you spay ‘raised spot gloss’?

I also put in a USB, which I had put a digital version of my fashion portfolio, my CV, images from the photoshoot and a few CAD visuals of my designs.

Then to make it even more unique to my collection, I decided to add in some fabric samples, now whoever gets a press pack can have their own piece of hand dyed and screen printed fabric, curtesy of Courtney Suller Textile Design.

There has now also been a last minute addition. Not so last minute that I actually added it last minute, but it was only last week that I added in one of my mini lookbook’s into the press pack. I thought it was just a cool way of being able to see what’s on the memory stick but right in front of you. It also has all my contact details on it which can be seen through the clear container, which makes it look super profresh.



Professional Practice – Press Packs

Today’s Professional practice talk was about our press pack and what to put in them. This is really helpful because other than saying the name, I had no idea what a press pack was or what it entailed. I can now start thinking about what I want my press pack to look like, how I want I packaged, and about all the relevant information that needs to go inside.

Professional Practice – Esyllt George

Esyllt George was with us on Wednesday for professional practice, to tell us how to write a creative CV, which is different from a traditional CV, in that you acknowledge your skills first and foremost, instead of having them at the end, sort of as an after thought.

It was actually really interesting to hear about CV writing, because there are so many different types, how do I know which one applies to me? She went through the basics of CV writing, which can also been accessed, in more depth, on the Your Career E-Module on Moodle.

I was also really interested in the graduate trainee programs, so much so that I’ve actually signed on for a workshop on the 6th December for Graduate Traineeship and Paid Internships for Creatives, which basically (I think) helps creative students to explore reverent trainee programs and internships, as well as how to access vacancies.