Brief Encounter

During the cohort meeting on Monday it was mentioned that we needed a hard copy of our brief for the hand in, which reminded me that my brief needed a slight tweaking. I made sure that there wasn’t anything in my brief that wasn’t also in my collection (basically I took outa few handy loopholes that I thought I might when I wrote the brief) and made sure that everything was in tip top shapes for hand in.

And now I present you with, The Finished Brief –

Courtney Suller Brief


Brief and Statement of intent 


Redesigning city structures with the ideas of celebrating different cultures from around the world. We will focus on incorporating street furniture with influences from old/different cultures, working towards a final outcome that will display our collaborative and individual contributions.

Statement of intent:

For this part of the project I plan to work collaboratively with a groups of students from across-disciplines to prepuce a final outcome. With the idea of looking at street furniture combined with culture, we will be producing ideas individually and developing them as a group. I plan to take my inspiration from old and ancient cultures, namely the Middle East, formally the Ancient Near East, to create culturally inspired street furniture.