In My Time of Dying, Part 7

The fabric that I died for my lining, wasn’t enough to fit all the pattern pieces onto. I could fit the body and the hood, onto it but the sleeves where a no go. Thankfully Maggie has a role of moleskin (which I really wished I’d had found out earlier) so I was able to go into the dye baths today and make more fabric, in the right colour (HA!) for the sleeve lining.

What was quite annoying was that after I made the dye bath, from the same recipe I used for the first part of the lining, I tested in on a small square of fabric until the same colour was achieved. Confident that it was right, I put the rest of the fabric in and waited the allotted time, only to take the fabric out and have a light orange/yellow, which is quite noticeably darker than the lining I dyed for the sleeves!

I don’t know if this is going to be ok to use? Im planning to speak to Beth and Irene about it on Monday.


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