The Room Where it Happens

Today was a great day for me. While most of the textiles students had gone on the Chelsea Harbour trip to London, I however took this opportunity to monopolise the print and dye studio. As it turns out, the calculation for the fabric for my second jacket was wrong, and I ended up with double the amount I needed, which actually worked out well since I was able to use the second half of the fabric as the lining for my first jacket. One half I dyed purple, and the other I dyed a bright yellow.

I was also able to get Steve to put this weird mixture onto one of the print tables which let me stick my fabric to the surface of the table so it wouldn’t move while I printed. With my fabric in place, I was able to screen print my design onto my fabric in the exact place where the body panel for my first jacket will be cut! Huzzah!

My super productive day has managed to put me a few steps closer to the production of my jackets. I have ordered the zips for my first and have bought black silicone, which which I will try to make the grid that will over lay jacket 1. I have ordered the lining for the second jacket, I need now to find a transparent, or semi transparent which I can use to make a overlaying yoke, on which I will pleat and print!

I’m just aware that I don have a lot of time left to actually create these jackets, it may have to run over into easter so I can get them finished before the photoshoot, and so I will have more time to spend on sampling – which I can actually start next week because the extra fabric I ordered has arrived!


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