I’m Made of Wax Simon, What are You Made of? Part 2

Having spend two days last week dying my fabric, it now came to the task of waxing and and interfacing the beast. 3 meters of fabric is actaully quite a lot, but I had a plan of action! On Saturday my wax arrived so it was time to put the plan into action. Phases one, gather supplies – fabric, check. Wax, check. Fusible felt, check. Surface area big enough to work on, kind of. My dining table was big enough that I would be able to do the whole width of the fabric, I just could fit all 3 meters on it, so I started working in sections.

It didn’t take too long to wax the fabric completely (I contracted help!), which was surprising, which just made me get to the sang that much sooner. I ordered 3 meters of fusible felt to pad out the cotton, but the width of the felt was half the width of the cotton. Meaning … that I only had enough felt to covered just over half of the cotton. It was my fault completely, I didn’t check the width before I ordered it, so ill just have to wait until the next batch arrives so that I can finish this stage and move onto the printing and cutting stage!



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