The Melting Point of Wax

The next step after dying my fabric was to look at coating it. I’ve chosen to experiment with waxing my fabric –  I really love the feel of it, how it changes to colours of the fabrics – as a method of waterproofing my material. I’d previously experimented with using scotch guard but there was no noticeable different to the fabric which was quite disappointing.

After speaking with Irene I started to experiment wth different ways in which I can wax my fabrics. Firstly I tried an all over wax which I achieved by rubbing the wax onto the fabric, similar to using a crayon, and then ironing so that the wax sank into the fabric. I then moved on to melting the wax before applying to the fabric to see if this would be a quicker way of waxing my fabric as I have 3 metres that needs to be waxed. However, the wax solidified too much on the brush before, causing dried wax strip over the fabric. As this didn’t melt into the fabric, I then had to iron the wax so that it would absorb into the fabric.


The final wax experiment I tried was to draw a grid over the fabric with the wax, which was actually really easy. I used the wax, again like a crayon, to draw the lines of the grid shape. The wax expands into the fabric when it gets melted, making to the lines thicker. I didn’t expect to like this experiment, I was prepared to try it and dismiss it but I actually really like it. I’m not keen on the fact that if I wax in a grid pattern not all of the fabric will be waterproof, however the visual effect was really cool.

Trying to keep this idea of having a grid on my fabric also, I took one of my fully waxed sample into the print room, and using a deep orange colour, I printed a grid over the fabric. Where the fabric was lighter in colour the grid was more prominent, then subtle becoming less noticeable the darker the fabric good which was a really cool effect. At the moment I’m really interested in using this technique for my jacket fabric as this would insure that my whole jacket is waterproof.



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