Present Tense

I think my tutorial went quite well.  I was a bit nervous because I was speaking in front of people, and while I have gotten so much better at presenting in these last three years, I still don’t like it. I explained my idea to Keireine, Irene and Helen, how I want to to use three main photos II had taken of manhole covers and use these as the inspiration for my samples. I explained how I thought I was focusing too much on the production of the garment instead of being free to experiment with my sampling, and how I’m trying to just go back to focusing on ideas and samples.

They really liked my colours and my ideas, as well as my dye samples and they had some really good advice for creating a rust dye bath, and also layering up the samples I have with my laser cutting and painted idea and juts taking photos and see what looks good; and to also put more of myself and my designs onto my board.


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