In My Time of Dying Part 4

Today I spent the day in the dye lab, surprise surprise. I’m still feeling quite lost on the whole design making front, so I decided to start with something I new how to do and was relevant, dying. I made oranges and reds as well as deep purples, mixing colours and finding what worked and what really didn’t. But no matter how many dye baths I created, I couldn’t get a rust colour that I loved. Don’t get me wrong the oranges I made were beautiful, but they just weren’t what I wanted. I want to do more fabric dying again next week, trying out more gradient/ombre techniques and maybe bring in some of the colours that I’ve created today to give the samples brighter and deeper colours.

I plan to work onto every dye samples, but how and with what is another story. I know I plan to paint onto the orange fabrics to see what kind of expressive rust patterns/colours I can make and I plan to use the purple samples to pleat and puff but these are just general ideas, I hope thats enough.


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