Professional Practice – Postgrad Studies 

Today’s professional practice was given to get us undergraduate students thinking about the option of doing a master degree. I’d though about it before, but I’d always thought that’s if I found my degree to be stressful a lot of the time, then a master is surely going to send me over the edge. However from hearing the speech today, it seems that a masters is a more relaxed and self direct path than an undergrad degree. I’m really interesting in pursuing a masters in graphic design, but at the moment I am really loving working with fabrics and dyes so I’m working if I can combine both of these areas to create a platform on which I will started to research the results/reasons behind homelessness. It sounds like a cool idea but I don’t have any clue how I would narrow that down into a research area?

I think I’m going speak to someone from the masters programme about it. 


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