Im Made of Wax, Simon. What are You Made of?

I was speaking with Irene on Friday about how I was going to get my laser-cutting to on stay on the back of my jacket, and she was suggested creating a plastic layer for the jacket on which the laser-cut would sit, which would strengthen the laser-cutting while making the rest of the jacket waterproof. I like the idea, and I like how the dyed fabric looks once its been covered, almost like its coated. But I’m not in love with the idea. I didn’t really want to use plastic so I’ve started looking into coating fabrics. I’ve already got Scotch-guard which would waterproof my fabrics but it didn’t really change the dyed fabric, there wasn’t a noticeable coating. So I’ve been researching how to wax cotton and I’ve found instructions and it seems pretty easy (I love wax coats!). I’ve ordered some wax which will hopefully get here by Thursday, meaning I’ll be able to experiment with how that effects my fabric samples, and hopefully I’ll have been able to make samples for my second jacket! Exciting times ahead.


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