Pocket Full of Sunshine


Who would have thought that I would need to consider pockets. Would have to ponder and ruminate on pockets. Or that I would have fun thinking of different words of thinking while I was suppose to be actually be thinking of pockets.

There are so many things that I never thought I would have to think about. Zips, shoulder seams, patterns, pockets, dropped crotch trousers; and yet I am. I sound like I’m complaining, and maybe I am a little, but this fashion outcome is still exciting to me, which I think is important. 6 weeks in and I don’t regret my choice, I don’t want to be doing something else, I’m just a little teensy bit overwhelmed. Anyway, pockets.

My jackets need pockets and I need to think about what pockets I want. Here is a handy collection of images of pockets:

I like the exaggerated pockets, but I’m thinking that in order to compliment the design of my jacket, weft pockets would be more appropriate, plus they’re cool! I have these really beautiful waterproof zips that I got from Klein’s in London, a dark purple and a Burgundy colour which I think would look amazing with the colourings of my jacket.


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