Pretty Grids

Where I’m at right now is trying to decide where I want the laser-cut piece to sit on my jacket. My plan is to have a piece of laser-cut fabric, representing one part of my original image, laid over the jacket as this attached but really organic and moving piece. So I need a fabric that is waterproof, is strong and moveable but not breakable, laser-cuts well and goes with my colour scheme and the overall feel of my jacket design.

Irene found me some open weave hessian to drape over my jacket toile so that I would be able to visual what I’m thinking about but I don’t know if that actually helped me or I just got scissor happy hacking into the hessian. What I’m planning to do is play with the technical drawing I created of this jacket, and layer over my grid pattern in the hopes of finding what I want, and then maybe ill have a better idea to take to Irene.


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