In My Time of Dying Part 3

With my garment fabrics in tow, it was time to see how the direct dyes took to the downproof cotton. Its cotton so I was pretty sure that it would work, but there’s always that little niggle which makes you think it won’t. It did though, so this is a happy tale.

Creating two of the same dye baths from my last bought of experiments, a dusky red dye bath and a purple/brown dye bath, I set to work with figuring out the timings and colourings with my new fabric. The colours were very similar to the results I got with the cotton twill, if slightly more on the pink side, however the purple/brown dye bath which had a much more pink tinge to it, so I started to adjust the dye amounts and colours mixed, to achieve the colours I was looking for. Once I had the colours down, I started to experimenting with creating different ombre patterns on larger fabric samples as a way of replicating my original image and idea.

There’s a fine line when
working with red and pink tones between being appropriate for your market, or looking to feminine, and some of my samples were too feminine, where I was using a pale dusky pink colour as the base, and ombre in a dark dusky red, the result was decidedly pink. So in between these two dye baths, I added in a new colour. From the purple dye bath, I went back to the original colour measurements to create that brown/purple, which once dye on top of already colour fabrics, was a much more dusky brown (and I saying dusky a lot? I feel like I am). The result was soooo nice! It is beautiful. I love it and I can’t wait to cover my whole jacket it in! that’s who nice it is!



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