Paige’s Mom

Last week was a busy one. Not in that I had loads I needed to do, just that I did a lot.

Now I cannot for the life of me remember what I did on Monday, which is really crazy right? I’ve just checked and I still can’t find evidence of what I was doing. Wait, I’ve found it! (this is just evidence of all I’ve done this week). On both Monday and Tuesday, I was experimenting with dye baths (I can’t believe that was only Monday, it feels like I did that months ago!), and creating colour swatches for my collection. Ok I was trying to make grey but that was covered in another post. Wednesday was filled with professional practice and brain storming and then Thursday came around. The day of the IG prize giving, but more on that later. Thursday morning brought a rush of activities, meetings and tutorials but the best part is that I managed to fit in time to laser-cut!

Earlier that week, Paige’s parents were coming up to Cardiff to drop off the leathers her dad brought back from Columbia (cool right) but not only that, her mum decided to be supremely epic, and bring me cuttings from quite a few different waterproof fabrics from their local fabric shop! Who else would do that?! She’s amazing! So with my fabrics in tow, I hot footed it to the laser-cutter and set about mixing designs and fabrics to get a range of small laser-cutting samples. I wanted to use a variety of materials (I still have latex and neoprene that hasn’t been cut) so that I could decide which one would work with the overall design of one of my jackets.

The design was pretty simple, taken from a photograph of some brick flooring in town, and I’m trying to recreate that image in my jacket, with fabric dying techniques to get the colours, and then laser-cutting for the mesh pattern that had been embedded into the bricks.


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