Material Girl

Fabric choices. There’s only really one place to go when you want natural fabrics and that Whaley’s of Bradford.

I know I wanted fabrics that would be suitable for a jacket so I started looking at they had to offer and orders samples of Polyester Cotton, Cotton Canvas, Downproof Cotton, Moleskin Cotton, Bolton Twill, and Cotton Twill.

The Cotton Canvas was much too coarse to be suitable, the Cotton Twill and Bolton Twill would both have worked really nicely as jacket fabric but once I got my hands on the Moleskin there was no contest. The moleskin didn’t have a noticeable grain, and oh my was it soft on one side. So beautifully soft. I think I’ve fallen in love with a fabric it’s that gorgeous.

At first I thought the Downproof cotton was going to be much too thin for my other jacket, but then I was thinking about it and its actually pretty similar to fabrics found on anoraks and when speaking to Irene, she suggested when could use an iron on material that would thicken it up to the weight of parka material.

I plan to hand dye both of these materials, and then use a waterproof spray to emphasise the fact that my jackets would ideally be waterproof.


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