Eyes on the Prize

I won a prize, can you flipping believe it?!

Thursday afternoon was the long awaited International Greetings prize giving. Super exciting stuff, and really kind actually, to give out prizes to students just because of a live brief, they could have easily not, which is just really amazing of the IG team and Sarah Barker.

With 5 big prizes and 5 smaller prizes to give away, I was excited to see who would win the internships, and quite curious as to what the smaller prizes were and what new ones had been brought in for our year. So the time came for the prize giving and I was nervous for everyone. I’d walked around our room and had seen what had been created for IG, It was all pretty greate and all really different. And the people who won the prizes, well their work was so good and they truly deserved it.

And that’s where I come in. I will be honest. I can’t believe I won the prize for trend development. I always kind of thought my trend choosing was one of my weak points, but I guess that’s changed with third year because I’ve chosen two trends this year and I’ve loved both. And IG liked my trend just as much as I did, which has just given me a confidence boost with my current collection. I’m so happy!

Thank you Sarah and the IG Team.


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