In My Time of Dying – part two

Yesterday was round two of the dying game. Whereas on Monday I was unsuccessful at create a grey, yesterday I was unsuccessful also! (I tricked you there didn’t I?)

The greys that I made on Monday where more blue in tone, and I set about trying to make a more grey, grey. Turns out I couldn’t. I could go and buy a grey dye or just buy grey fabric, but I really wanted to create and design my fabrics, starting with natural prepared fabrics and going through the whole exciting transformation process. And I still plan to do this.

While trying to make grey I made these beautiful burgundy tones, lovely purple/brown tones as well as some fresh green tones, and eventually more blue/grey tones. These colours will not go to waste however because I’m planning on making two jackets, one of which just happens to have reds, burgundies and purples in its colour scheme *happy dance* which just leaves me with how I want to dye my fabrics (I plan to try about a few different colours and dying variations).

One thing that was clear to me through this process was that I like tones. I made one sample, out of the many I created yesterday, which was a close to grey as I could get it, and it just wasn’t as interesting as the tonal greys. Whereas one grey had a slightly green tone and the other had a more blue tone I found they were much nicer to look at and just more interesting. Yay! Which means I don’t have to go and by a grey dye because I’m more than happy to use my tonal greys instead.


p.s. my fabrics came today! I ordered a meter of each so I could make dye samples and start trying out different process with the fabric I want to use, which is super exciting.


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