Drawing The Line

Yesterday I tried my hand and creating working/technical drawings ready for when I need to start making toiles (which is this week I believe, eek!). These drawings will basically act as the starting point for making the toiles of my two jackets.

Firstly I needed to relearn how to use illustrator. I watched about 2 minutes of a YouTube video on how to create technical drawings and decided I knew enough to give it a go. I was almost stumped when I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the colour fill on the pen tool, but thankfully that obstacle was jumped over easily, with help from a trusty partner in crime.

It took me quite a long time, and when I say quite a long time I mean about 3 hours, to create these two drawings, but they’re only my first try, and I just needed to understand the shapes that I’ll be using in the production of my jackets.


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