Teacher I Need You

My tutorial with Irene today was to go over my brief and to talk about which designs I want to be taking forward into production. My brief was good, meaning that I’m able to go forward with focusing on designs, which is what I’ve been doing since. I’ve decided which two jackets I want to create, and have been thinking about the different processes and techniques I could be using to create the fabrics for them. I have based the fabric designs for each jacket on a photo, or two photos, that I took while out in the city centre.


The first jacket, Tyler (while in university Paige and myself where doing some standing/walk thinking and thought it would be a good idea to name my jackets, now I can’t think of them without those names!) is going to be made of a light cotton, that will be thickened by something called furry fuzz I think? Which will make it more like a parka. I want to hand dye the fabric for the jacket, starting with an overall colour and then embellishing with ice dying to get the colour variation that are in the photograph. I then plan to have a 3D piece of fabric layered over the jacket, mirroring the shape of the grid pattern from the left side of the image. I’m planning to experiment with different fabrics and lazer-cutting for this top layer, I also want to secure only parts of it to the actual jacket so in some places its separate and will move on its own.


The second jacket, Simon is going to be made from moleskin cotton, again hand dyed but I also want to experiment with pleating to create the same effect of the manhole cover on the back of the jacket, I then plan to try screen printing onto the pleat to create shadows for a more 3D effect. I’m also thinking about using puff to recreate the yellow paint from the top image.

I’ve also started to think about finishes (waterproofing the fabric) and what fastenings I want (a zip for Tyler and poppers for Simon). I want pockets in the outside of Tyler while on the inside for Simon, but I’m still toying with these ideas because getting the actual fabrics sorted is a priority.

The last think I’m planning for my jackets is to have embroidered wording on both jackets. I want the words to be related to homelessness and I really like the idea of having some of the negative names that homeless people have been called on the jacket for people to see, which will hopefully lead to conversation about changing the attitudes of society towards homeless people.


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