London Trip Proper

Yesterday was the day, the big London trip. Paige, Siwan and myself had planned to go to the Institute of Contemporary Art, Klein’s, Dover Street Market and Bluebird, and if there was time, we were going to stop off at The Cloth House. After a shamble of a meet up, we headed to the national gallery where Siwan spied out textures and I started longingly at the beautiful grates in the floor, wishing that they would have been outside so I could include them into my ideas and imagery.

We then headed over to Klein’s, a fastenings shop. There were endless trims in that shop, as well as dyes, iron on patches, seam seal tapes (!) buckles, fastenings and zips! I have a rough idea in mind of what I’m planning to make, besides them being two jackets. I have shapes and fabrics ideas, colour and technical processes, what I don’t really know is what finishing touches they are going to have. Poppers or zips? Elastic cuffs or pull tight? Sewn seems or seam tape? Piped edging? How are the pockets and edges going to be finished? I notice a lot of these things when I’m out browsing for clothes but now that I’m actually making clothing, it’s all kind of like Argh! (in a good way) it’s just that I don’t naturally think about these things but now I have to.

I was on about Klein’s and fastenings. I know that on one of my jackets I want a zip down the front, so I got two different kinds, a chunky zip, and a waterproof zip which looked really scrumptious. It wasn’t until earlier today however, that I realised that I want poppers down the front of my other jacket. I think I was so taken in with the zip chose and the STUNNING seam seal tape that it just flew out of my mind. The tape. Have I ever seen something so beautiful (yes, but that’s not the point), this gorgeous length of waterproof tape that was just heaven to touch came in several different colours, so I got matt black, grey and BRIGHT YELLOW! (enter heart-eyes emoji) I don’t know what I plan to do with this yet, but I have an photograph of a manhole cover that’s full of different greys, and a stripe of bright yellow. I want to turn this photograph into a jacket and these tapes might just be the thing to help me!

Next was the trip to Dover Street Market.  The five floored uber-expensive streetwear shop, where we got eyed up by the security guard for daring to be in there. I found a few really cool jackets in there which have helped to inspire me, a contrast zip that was really interesting and a fur lined mac which is totally something that I can get on board with. What I can say about Dover Street Market is that they know how to display their clothes. Really cool metal stands, chip board instillations, foam triangle walls.

The display was amazing, and it really helped to promote the clothing. It has also helped me to start to think about what my display will look like., thankfully Dover Street has quite a few streetwear brands so I was able to snap some photos of how they were displayed to take back with me to talk through with Irene and then maybe get my dad on the case helping me to build them (enter sneaky/sly faced emoji).


This trip has given me things to think about, fastening, display ideas, jacket shapes and materials and just generally helped me to think about, and process ideas for my collection as a whole.

p.s. we made it to the Institute of Contemporary Arts in the end, having not found it at the start of the trip we went in search of it after hitting Dover Street.


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