I won’t lie, I thought it was crazy that we needed to have the silhouettes of our garments ready before knowing what they were going to look like, or even any inkling of colour or design. I’ve created three so far, maybe closer to two (I feel a cull coming on), and I’m just thinking about what other shapes I could want.

The garments I’m designing are all streetwear. They will all be baggy and oversized with really simple shapes because the focus is what they’ll be made of, and what will be on them.

I’ve been looking at other streetwear brands such as Huf, Thrasher, Represent, C2H4 and I even took myself into route one (really not a chore since I came away with a new jumper!), in order to look at shapes and lengths, and to just generally gather inspiration of what shapes I want to create myself.

Thankfully, at todays tutorial I finally got an idea, well not of the shapes but of the fabrics and how I’m going to go about making the fabrics and samples, as well as what techniques I want to use. So that has really energised me, making me want to go and find those other shapes! I plan to spend some time tomorrow and after work on Saturday coming up with more shapes ready for pattern development! •excited jig*


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