Best Laid Plans

Irene is great. She manages to get me excited about my collection, not that I’m not already, but just even more so. My mind goes into overdrive with ideas that I just want to start doing straight away!

This week it was excitement about my fabrics. I want to make waterproof outwear but once a fabric has been coated, there not many techniques that you can use onto. Then Irene starts talking and suddenly ideas bloom! I don’t have to use waterproof fabrics because they can be coated after I’ve done my thing! FIST PUMP EXPLOSION. I’m so happy that this idea popped into my head, I was totally floundering a bit on what I was going to do to my fabrics but now I can do anything. ANYTHING! Thankfully I have inspiration for what I want to do. On Monday Paige and I went to town to take photographs and while there I managed to get some really good ones of the floor and man hole covers which where zoomed in on a particular area. I plan to use these images as the base idea for my fabrics. One example is some red brick that had this grid pattern etched into it. For that I’m thinking of experimenting with ice dying to get the floor colours, which where mottled reds and browns, but then experiment with ways in which to maybe bond some gridded or mesh fabrics over the top.

It sounds amazing and super exciting and I cant wait!


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