Eye In The Envelope

The next task on the agenda was to make an envelope to go with my greetings card.

Originally, I wanted to have a black envelope so that it would really match up to the card, but then after speaking to Keireine, I realised that while the envelope was just an add on to the card, the design of the envelope could be something that elevated the design of the card. Also that a black envelope is really unpractical, and the the post office doesn’t like having addressed write in white ink.

The envelope could be something subtle so that when the card is revealed it would be a wow moment, which is kind of what I wanted.  I also wanted my envelope to mask the brightness which is inside the card, which is why I decided I didn’t want yellow on my envelope because in my experience, envelopes do tend to match, and I didn’t want to give any clue about the bright yellow colour pop that goes inside.

That was my original motivation for a black envelope, so that when looked at, no one would realise that the card contains a bright yellow centre!

However; to match up with both my collection and my card, and with some tips from Keireine, I decided on a grey envelope. This works nicely with the black and white design of my card and also with my two wrapping papers, which are both mainly monotone.  With the colour of my envelope decided, I though it would be too easy, and a bit boring to have just a plain envelope, so that’s where patterns come in.

I made three different envelopes, each with a different design inside. It was then a case of choosing which envelope I wanted.


Out of the three patterns, one was on my roll wrap and the back of my gift bag so that was automatically pushed to the bottom of my chooses; it would work well but I didn’t really want to have the same designs on three different products.

The other two designs were both on my greetings card, while one was also on the handles of my gift bag; which would again, give me the same designs on three products. So the other designs, which was also on my greetings card isn’t really noticeable; its used as the background surface pattern (because I have two surface patterns on my greetings card) and as such, isn’t a design that is dominant, which pretty much puts this design at the top of my choices list.

However, after all that reasonable thought, I decided to pick the envelope design that I thought looked the best, which was the second design; the one that matched the design for the card. It just looked better and sat more coherently with the rest of the collection. All the logical arguments can be made, like in this case, but sometime you just ave to go with you instinct and choose which one you think will fit better, instead of which one would logically fit better.


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