This Must Be The Bow

The quest for the best gift bow is upon us. The rules are as follows; use only grey, black, white and purple; include organdie and embossing foil; be creative, be inspired and, embroidery is allowed.

You have 1 day to complete your task.


Four bow ties later and I was ready to give up for the day. My mind was literally crying out for me to stop looking at bows; to stop making bow, and for the love of all things glittery, to stop looking at bows!


The first I created as a tester, to experiment with shape. The second was combining embossing foil, with white print and purple thread. The third, black, white and grey came into play, along with some font and foil. The fourth bow was getting better; made from printed organdie with a purple foil backing and silver foil holder.

It wasn’t until after my tutorial with Keireine (a most welcome break) did I make the bow to surpass all other bows. A masterpiece made of white organdie, with a white printed font design; combined with colour pops of purple embroidery and wrapped safely in a silver foil holder.

I can’t take all the credit mind you, Keireine told me what she liked most about the other bows, which was the printed font pattern and gave me a few ideas on how to combine the colour pops and from there, there was a lot of finger stabbing and squinting.

I definitely think that the colour pops are ingenious. I can think of a few other ways of trying to add colour to the bow but none would have been as effective and good looking as embroidering a few random letters. The purple takes the bow into a whole other level of interesting. The colours work well with both of my wrapping papers, and while my roll wrap also had purple colours pops, these aren’t enough so that my sheet wrap looks like the odd man out.

Im really happy with my bow, and how this has made my collection process. I’m very happy with the direction it is going in and I can’t wait to see what feedback I get from the I/G visit coming up.



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