The Sheet Wrap Dance


The design for my sheet wrap happened to be a happy accident. I was playing around with samples, layering and then bam! There was a result that I liked. A white pattern printed onto film work, with black organdie on under and white organdie over it. The result was a very tonal wrap design that was quite soft, which worked really well as a contrast to my roll wrap design.

While it was great to find a design I liked that easily, I still wanted to experiment with adding more tones, or maybe a contrasting stripe like in my roll wrap.

I used slices of film-work for thinner stripes and tape to create larger spaces, trying out a few different combination.

I experimented with closer stripes, overlapped stripes and stripes that were quite far apart.

Two of my designs had very structured lines that contrast really well with the more expressive lines of my grid design.  the other however has overlapping designs that are a bit more similar to the foreground pattern which I think makes the designs look a bit busy and doesn’t have a good as contrast of the more regimented stripes.

I think I prefer the design without the added tonal elements/stripes. I think by adding in extra elements its taking away from the simpleness of the design which compliments the business of my roll design. I like that both of the designs play off each other in both print and colours, I think this makes my collection more complex and well thought out.


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