Greatest American Ribbon

The idea I had for my ribbon was pretty solid. It cam from a lot of experimental printing the happened at the beginning of this project, and came from a specific sample that actually printed wrong.  I took this design and scanned it in, so that I could re-created the mistake I’d made. Not that I didn’t know how to, I had accidentally printed onto the wrong side (or maybe the right side given the results) of photo paper, so that the foil I was transferring in the heat press, stuck not only to my pattern but also to the plastic of the photo paper in a random, but beautiful pattern.

This is the design I chose to have on my ribbon; a structured grid pattern that had suddenly turned into a unpredictable mess. I loved it.

I also knew that I wanted my ribbon to be white, with orange foil, just like that original samples because, lets face it, I am obsessed with that happy accident.

There was a problem though, all the foils had been used up in a second year workshop and it was going to take while before more could be ordered in. So about two weeks later, I was still waiting on my foil, but it was ok, because my ribbon was going to look boss in the end.

With only three weeks until I/G came back for another visit I was getting a bit insane in the membrane. I wanted my ribbon done so I could check that off the list of things I needed to complete, and low and behold! The new foils arrived on Friday (or was it Thursday?). I was so excited, I rushed into the office to ask Steve for some of that beautiful orange foil, only there wasn’t any. None what so ever. To say I was crushed wouldn’t be an exaggeration. I was actually gutted, still am. I adored that orange, I’d even tried to order some from two different places while waiting for Steve’s order to come in, and neither of those came anywhere near to this colour.


I had no choice. There wasn’t enough time for me to order any more foil and have it here in time for my presentation. I had to choose another colour. One from my colour scheme. I’d used the yellow in my card, the pink on my bag, the purple on my wrap and bow, and the blue on my tag. There was only one option for me, to use the same aqua blue as I’d used on my tag, for my ribbon. Thankfully it wouldn’t look too similar, because while it’ll still be the same foil, the fabric I was printing it onto was a different colour, and I was also using a different design.

It looks good, don’t get me wrong, its a lovely looking ribbon which I finished off with white and blue overlocking, but I just isn’t the ribbon I wanted. It isn’t that beautiful deep orange that I loved so much. It does however fit in well with my collection, and ties the tag and the ribbon together in a way that the roll wrap and bow tie have been connected. It works well, but its just not that orange.


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