This Must Be The Wrap

Thankfully, I already knew what design I wanted to put onto my roll of wrapping paper, and even more thankfully, it was a design that repeated, hu-rah! That’s one wrapping paper down, now I just need to work on my sheet.

The idea for my roll wrap came from a print that I was experimenting with, and it was actually one of the samples that I’d put away in my book. I was already using the design but in a different way, and from looking at this sample, I saw a way that I could change the colour and materials of the design to make it into a reaping wrap, and boy do I love the results. Its a very edgy and urban design that I printed onto white paper with black ink and silver foil, all very high contrast which is spot on for my colours. I don’t know, some people might look at it and feel there should be some colour on it, but I’ve purposely decided that both my wraps will be monotone because they are made to co-ordinate with my ribbon and gift tag, and the gift bow, all of which, will have vibrant colour pops.

My sheet wrapping paper, I didn’t come up with an idea for until this morning. For the last week I’ve been thinking about it and then pushing ideas away to concentrating on my greetings card and gift tag. When I was looking through my samples this morning, I focused on the background of one of my embroidery samples, which was a white grid pattern I’d experimented with towards the beginning of the project, printed onto film work, with a white organdie overlay. In materials and structure, it was very similar to the sample I used in my gift bag, only it was still see-through and even though I’m using sheer and see-through materials, I feel like having see-through wrapping paper is just a no-go.

I didn’t just want to scrap this idea, and it wasn’t because I had no other ideas, I really like the effect of these two materials together as well as the grid pattern that I’d paired with them. So I started looking at my other materials. While playing around with different layering, I laid some of my black organdie under the samples and suddenly my sheet wrap was in front of me. The new sample was a light grey, with a striking white design on the front, it wasn’t see-through (it only took three layers of sheer materials to make it opaque, who knew?) and I thought it looked pretty cool. I did some quick manipulating and suddenly I had a little sample of this wrap idea, and I started to hold it against some of my other designs, and for me, it just fit.


My roll wrapping paper is very high contrast and shiny, and my sheet wrap has a softer contrast between white and grey, and is matte. The roll has black and silver printed onto it and the sheet has white. In their own way, these two samples co-ordinate and contrast with each other in a way that I think makes them that much more interesting within the collection. I stick by my idea of having them, only in monotone because of the colour that will be on my ribbon and tag, and also because my colour scheme is monotone with pops of colour, and the pops of colour for these design, come from the tag and ribbon, so they can be used together and not clash.


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