Professional Practice – Keireine Canavan

This weeks professional practice was presented by none other than our very own Keireine Canavan, about setting up your own business.

Setting up your own business is just one of those things that you know people have done, so its possible, you just never think that your should do it yourself, or maybe that just the way I’ve always thought about. Like it would be great saying, ‘oh you know, I run my own business’, it sounds really cool and interesting, and lets not forget it makes you sound like a very accomplished entrepreneur, but I don’t think anyone truly realises what needs to. Be done behind the scenes in order to get to that place.

The talk from Keireine went through all the finer points you need to know about setting up your own business, from VAT and tax through to IP and common mistakes that usually happen within the starting off period. It was actually all very interesting. I don’t know if I’m strange and like to know the ins and outs and all the financial and legal operations that go on, but it was finally all displayed in one place, with Keireine being able to quickly take us through the main need-to-knows, which she knows first hand, from running her own business (how cool right?).

It makes the through of setting up your own business much more plausible, when you know, and you’ve heard about it from someone whos already been through all of that; which is something that both Keireine and Clojo (from a previous professional practice) were able to tell us.



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